Clickable Paper Could Kill Off the QR Code As Print and Digital Separation Is Bridged


QR Code to die in face of Clickable Paper?

QR Code to die in face of Clickable Paper?


The gap between digital and print media looks set to have been bridged. Clickable Paper is the hot idea that offers online dimensions to printed pages.

It’s been around for a couple of years without making much noise, but all that is changing.

The notion has huge implications for the paper print industry and the digital world equally. For newspapers, brochures, flyers and advertising, now a solution is possible and one that ‘converts the casual viewer into a potential sales lead’

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It Turns Out That Six Types of Killer Use Facebook…. to Commit Crimes!

Facebook profiles could be the killer opportunity

Facebook profiles could be the killer opportunity



Eighteen months ago we reported that Nine Out of Ten News Stories Are Now Driven By Digital Angles,.  And following that fact, it seems that every day there is a news story about social media in general and Facebook in particular. Sometimes they are quite amusing and sometimes alarming stories.

The company itself even runs a Newsroom for the addicted. The web is awash with items posted by others.

Well, a recent one posted by others is about Facebook and criminals!

Birmingham City University reckon in a report published in the Guardian that they have identified ‘six types of killer who use Facebook to commit crimes’ as they studied how the site ‘can affect criminal behaviour.’

The research leaders from the ‘centre of applied criminology’ looked at 48 murders where FB was named as ‘a significant factor’ citing the case of Wayne Forrester who killed his wife in 2008 after reading her FB posts in which she said she was separated and wanted to meet different men.

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Wearable Technology 2: The Chairless Chair Is Not As Bizarre As It Sounds

The chairless chair in action!

The chairless chair in action!

Continuing our feature on wearable technology besides the watch, we look at an invention that sounds as if it came straight from the minds of somebody very strange.

Digital Trends  (August 2014) described the development of a contraption that a Swiss-based start-up company have dreamed up as an ‘awesome piece of kit.’

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