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Case Studies of businesses using MailBigFile

Conversing With the Subconscious: the MBF Blog Case Study on Think It Change It

Dawn Walton of ThinkItChangeit

Dawn Walton of ThinkItChangeit

Many people suffer at some point in their lives degrees of pain, weight issues, phobias, addictions, stress, work/life imbalances and fertility issues. A few just cope as they go along. Many need help, counselling and advice.

Rather than resort to drugs and further dependencies, cognitive hypnotherapy is available for those who are ready to ‘have a conversation with their subconscious’.

Director of Think It Change It, Dawn Walton explains that if we could just rely on rational thought and logic, we could simply change our lives. ‘Unfortunately we are not governed by rational thought most of the time. We are governed by our subconscious. It is triggering our response before our ‘rational’ thought takes over. By which time it’s too late for us because we are already reacting.’

She says people are not to blame, it’s just the way our brains work. At that point, the seeker after help comes to her and together they talk and gradually guide the subconscious ‘to stop reacting in those ways that limit us allowing you to get on with your life in whatever way works best for you.’
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The EF ‘Education First’ Case Study: Quick Look at Long-term MBF Client

EF Education is more than books, teachers, classrooms…

EF, meaning ‘Education First’, has become since its founding in 1965 the world’s largest privately-held international study organisation specialising in international educational programmes from language teaching for youngsters or business people to study and travel overseas to academic degrees allowing students of all ages the opportunities to explore other cultures and expand their horizons.

Proud of a mission to ‘break down barriers in language, culture and geography’, EF have 16 divisions and over 50 schools or offices around the world and a range of partners that allow full ‘cultural immersion’ as the most effective way of absorbing other languages, cultures and viewpoints.
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The MBF Audio Suite Sound Solution Case Study


No Sound Barriers

Just a ten minute taxi ride from Birmingham city centre in a leafy suburb, The Audio Suite quietly provides a cost-effective, high-quality sound solution for today’s challenging broadcast budgets and ambitious film makers.

Over some thirty years Managing Director Neil Hillman has built a reputation for recording, editing, designing and mixing sound, that is second to none. He is a member of the USA’s prestigious Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) and Britain’s Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS).

In fact, through the reach of the BBC, as well as the National Geographic and Discovery channels syndication process, it is likely that somewhere in the world, someone is listening to sound that Neil has processed in some form or other.
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The MBF Kall Kwik Creative Printing Case Study

The Kall Kwik Team

Proud winners of the 2012 British Association for Print & Communication Business of the Year Award, Kall Kwik Bury St Edmunds are celebrating 20 years of being in Bury St Edmunds and serving businesses throughout Suffolk with a full range of graphic design and printing services.

Their strap line, ‘creative printing, clever thinking’ sums up the company approach to designing and producing internal and external communication materials for a wide range of business clients.

For everything a business needs, the entire process from cards to sales/marketing materials, direct mail and exhibition graphics, Kall Kwik has developed expertise and experience.
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The MBF Pyramid Press Evolving-Technology Case Study

Pyramid Press building in Nottingham

Housed in purpose-built accommodation in Nottingham, Pyramid Press specialises in B1,B2 and B3 litho and digital printing offering a complete range of commercial print services. They are proud to say that they employ some of the most advanced print technology available today.

‘Quality. Excellence. Print.’ is the tag that describes their business approach. From stationery to lavish corporate brochures, Pyramid Press employ a skilled team to bring ‘the same wholehearted commitment to every piece of work, whether it be large volumes or an exclusive bespoke copy.

They aim to bring their expertise to the clients’ creativity to ensure that every single item of print is ‘vibrant and pin sharp’. They use a stringent colour management system throughout the different processes and offer a wide choice of materials, surfaces and finishes for customers.

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