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What happens when you combine Slovenian and Custom Form Fields? You get…

Smatros Print are a new company to the MailBigFile Business Account world, coming with some very specific instructions for their account. They needed a fully mapped Receive Solution page seamlessly integrating their checkout process onto one page. They needed it to be fast, reliable and secure, so they chose MailBigFile.

However, they needed more than just a few extra forms planted on their page. Being a company that catered to a Slovenian audience, they needed all their forms to be of this nature. With MailBigFile though, this isn’t a problem. All they had to do was supply us with the translations and we placed these straight onto their page.

Now, with this all in place, Smatros Print have a fully functioning Receive Solution perfectly tailored to their target audience.

Smatros Print are a printing company in Slovenia who deal in all kinds of printing jobs ranging from Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Personal Calendars and more.