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Dawn Walton of ThinkItChangeit

Dawn Walton of ThinkItChangeit

Many people suffer at some point in their lives degrees of pain, weight issues, phobias, addictions, stress, work/life imbalances and fertility issues. A few just cope as they go along. Many need help, counselling and advice.

Rather than resort to drugs and further dependencies, cognitive hypnotherapy is available for those who are ready to ‘have a conversation with their subconscious’.

Director of Think It Change It, Dawn Walton explains that if we could just rely on rational thought and logic, we could simply change our lives. ‘Unfortunately we are not governed by rational thought most of the time. We are governed by our subconscious. It is triggering our response before our ‘rational’ thought takes over. By which time it’s too late for us because we are already reacting.’

She says people are not to blame, it’s just the way our brains work. At that point, the seeker after help comes to her and together they talk and gradually guide the subconscious ‘to stop reacting in those ways that limit us allowing you to get on with your life in whatever way works best for you.’

logo with url 2Sounds Simple?

She says that, yes, it is that simple. ‘Nothing needs to be the way it’s always been’. One day she was introduced to a man called Trevor Silvester, founder of Cognitive Therapy and so began her four life-changing therapy sessions with him.

In the first he asked her, ‘What is it you want to achieve from our sessions?’ She knew that was fundamental. ‘If we know where we are trying to get to then we can see when we are there. It’s an important question to ask yourself “how will you know this has worked?”’

She knew that when her daughter asked her if she was happy, she wanted to say yes and mean it. By the third session she was answering yes and absolutely meaning it.  Last April she ran the London Marathon, she had lost 6 stone and ‘no longer hated everything about myself and my life.’

After that she trained and qualified as a cognitive hypnotherapist and set up her business to help others.

Will I Cluck Like a Chicken?

Her website addresses head-on the fear that many people have about hypnotherapy. Will they do something stupid they really don’t want to do? No, they will not. There’d be no therapeutic value in it, unless someone really wanted it!

She says that some people are afraid they’ll have their memories wiped, but she reframes memories ‘that your subconscious is using to protect you, to make you do things now that you no longer want to do’.

After sessions, memories remain, but negative emotions are gone. The positive emotions are established to be brought back whenever needed.

Others are concerned that they will lose control when hypnotised. But she says everyone is fully aware of what is going on while she talks to their subconscious and likens it to daydreaming rather than ‘being hypnotised’.

And still others fear they will not be easy to ‘put under’. Dawn says she is just going to talk, not ‘put anybody under’.

Online Therapy

Dawn’s business is physically based in Dundee and people often ‘wish they lived closer to her’. However, as she acknowledges, ‘Society has changed. Communities don’t physically exist in the way they used to. Communities exist online.’

It’s not about geography, it’s about connectivity and she has created a business that goes with that flow, adapting to people’s needs, demands and expectations. She has developed a series of downloadable products, particularly MP3 files customers can listen to, helping with relaxation, pain management and even hayfever and cold remedies.

She offers therapy via videoconferencing such as Skype or Facetime, which can be for as little as half an hour, frequently with a download to follow up.

Phobias like flying, heights or spiders; coping generally with anxieties; techniques for coping with pain; stopping smoking and embracing life values and personal coaching are all part of the online help Think It Change It offers. There are even YouTube self-help instructional videos available to all.

So How Does MailBigFile Feature in This Picture?

Dawn first hooked up when MailBigFile was recommended on her cognitive hypnotherapy training course and she needed to send downloads to clients. She could see easily when a client has (or has not) downloaded a file and that informs the relationship between her and clients which is key to successful therapy.

She uses MBF to store the files she sells from her site. It creates a safe FTP-type site for her products. It also ‘gives me a personalised thank you message with my logo that I love’.

She has been able to do the whole thing on line directly herself and describes herself as an ‘MBF fan’. She sees more and more products in her download store as the future unfolds.

When asked how she thought MBF will evolve to keep up with what she needs, she replied, ‘so far they’ve been one step ahead of me so I don’t know!’

Technology has transformed her and her business. ‘Fundamentally technology allows me to meet a global consumer base. Where before clients needed to be geographically close now I can use Skype / Facetime to talk to them and send them files online. I wonder if MBF would look at collaborative working such as Google Docs? that would be useful.’

So, whatever stresses you are under, her site is well worth a look. It could transform your life too.


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