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EF Education is more than books, teachers, classrooms…

EF, meaning ‘Education First’, has become since its founding in 1965 the world’s largest privately-held international study organisation specialising in international educational programmes from language teaching for youngsters or business people to study and travel overseas to academic degrees allowing students of all ages the opportunities to explore other cultures and expand their horizons.

Proud of a mission to ‘break down barriers in language, culture and geography’, EF have 16 divisions and over 50 schools or offices around the world and a range of partners that allow full ‘cultural immersion’ as the most effective way of absorbing other languages, cultures and viewpoints.


Partnerships with Cambridge University, sports events like Olympics, Football World Cup 2014 and the Whitbread Round the World Sailing Race have kept EF at the forefront of quality delivery and new, innovative ways of helping people learn in the broadest sense. For EF, it has ‘always been more than teachers, books and a classroom.’

Founder Bertil Hult laid down the dream in the mid 1960s, to help ‘people of all ages and nationalities become citizens of the world’, since when 15 million people have learned a new language. Today 14,000 full time office staff, 3,500 full time faculty and 16,500 part time teachers, leaders and tour directors drive that vision forward.

Global Solutions

Writing on the ‘Case for Optimism’ in Time magazine (October 2012), former US President Bill Clinton chose the Hult International Business School and its annual Hult Global Case Challenge to highlight for its pioneering work in finding solutions to global social challenges by teams of students from around the world.

This is just one example of the high international esteem that EF and its divisions enjoy, but also that education, understanding and cultural sharing can open up so many new, optimistic horizons for the earth.

The use of technology in education is not going to diminish. On the contrary, and that’s why it’s good for MBF to work together with clients meeting headlong the challenges of the future.

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