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Pyramid Press building in Nottingham

Housed in purpose-built accommodation in Nottingham, Pyramid Press specialises in B1,B2 and B3 litho and digital printing offering a complete range of commercial print services. They are proud to say that they employ some of the most advanced print technology available today.

‘Quality. Excellence. Print.’ is the tag that describes their business approach. From stationery to lavish corporate brochures, Pyramid Press employ a skilled team to bring ‘the same wholehearted commitment to every piece of work, whether it be large volumes or an exclusive bespoke copy.

They aim to bring their expertise to the clients’ creativity to ensure that every single item of print is ‘vibrant and pin sharp’. They use a stringent colour management system throughout the different processes and offer a wide choice of materials, surfaces and finishes for customers.

The Environmental Issues

Besides the economic, business and financial aspects of being a successful company today, Pyramid Press are keenly aware of the need to preserve the environment for the future and how this matters to customers.

They promote the use of ethically and sustainably sourced papers and boards by being involved with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Reducing carbon footprints is of concern to everybody. Pyramid Press has partnered with the World Land Trust to offer clients a selection of carbon-balanced papers.

This means that customers can have the actual amount of carbon saved recorded and can use the respected FSC and World Land Trust logos on their print which enhances their own environmental credentials. That’s a big business boost, as well as being commonsense in a world finally aware of how we use our resources.

Blogs Spread Information

The Pyramid Press blog is still new and evolving. The idea is that events and media news will rub shoulders with broader relevant issues of concern to customers. It publishes articles and features about the print industry from a range of global publications, besides a little bit of self-publicity from the Nottingham Post.

Existing customers speak highly of the Pyramid Press approach, with a design agency client reporting being impressed with the ‘quality of the printed material and superior level of service’. A medical supplies client relies on them as they have ‘a lot of conferences and exhibitions to prepare for’.

An educational sector customer describes the pleasure in working with the Pyramid team who ‘deliver exactly what you want, when you need it…’ The communication sector client who called their service ‘excellent, fast, helpful, friendly, approachable and flexible’ also spoke for many customers.

The MailBigFile Connection

Steve Pendleton is in charge of Pre-press and Technical Support. He produces proofs and printing plates from customers files alongside providing technical support for sales and production teams.  He explained that in March 2006 they were still using ISDN to transfer large files between customers and themselves.

They wanted to use their ASDL connection instead but were limited by the small sizes allowed for email attachments and needed another method. A quick web search found MailBigFile.

Once found, MBF quickly became their primary method of file delivery. Steve said, ‘we used to run our own FTP server but found maintaining that and creating new users was taking up a lot of time. MBF’s three simple steps to uploading a file to us suits everyone. No software to install and configure, no username and passwords to remember’.

They have seen similar services appear in the years, but have not been tempted to change as MBF is reliable, with the last time they needed to contact anyone to help rebranding the homepage, Karl and the support team helped ‘within minutes of asking’.

Steve commented, ‘Constant development by MBF means we benefit as their customer and so our clients benefit as well’. He expects to see Pyramid Press still going strong in ten years providing a quality product. He acknowledges that they’ll still need to keep embracing new technology, but sees it as a challenge ‘everyone here is up for’.

In the past six months they have increased bandwidth in and out by 1000% ‘simply because most clients no longer use physical media to transfer files, lead times are getting shorter and we need files as quickly as possible into production’.

By the same token, he anticipates that MBF will continue to invest in their infrastructure top keep transfer times as short and reliable as possible for Pyramid  as well as other clients.

That’s certainly the plan!

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