• Terry Hammond

    Mailbigfile, u have done the right thing.
    One word: Insurance! I have paid for it for years and never used it
    But I could have cancelled it at any time if I no longer needed it.
    But they didn’t owe me anything.
    A. she has been compensated of your good will.
    B. She didn’t at any time over the last 19months contact you.
    C. You offer a free trial service for the use of one-offs.
    Hope this helps

  • There will always be those who place the blame for their own failings on others as your client has done. Twas ever thus and twill ever be so.

    To close the issue I would suggest that you split the difference and let the wingeing ***** have half of the amount she paid. Then be sure to make it clear to all and sundry that they should beware of the women and not allow her the privilege of using any online offerings.

    Example, I won a free years worth of the business account and initially used it quite a lot. I may not use it again for a few months.

    She is what I would call a Phantom client. Bring in the Ghost Busters.

    Stay safe and keep up the good work,

    Malcolm S Milligan