Quora Questions Come Up With the Best Answers

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Quora gives you advice from others: take it or leave it or offer your own Quora was the theme of an MBF blog back in March 2014, Q&A on Quora And How Facts Are Being Shaped By Opinion.  Time for an update, because the need for speedy, well-thought through answers that employ the collective wisdom… Read more »

Online Password Protection: Keep It Simple

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Online password security needs updated advice Online password security and protection – what’s the latest advice? Every time there’s a breach (think Ashley Madison where 11 million encrypted passwords were decoded) there’re calls for password tightening, heightened security, more frequent changes and more complicated passwords. However, hackers can just keep churning until your password is… Read more »

Learning Programs Which Also Teach Us

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Learning programs have come a long way from HAL’s lip reading in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey Two learning programs are now widely available which revolutionise the concept of learning in order to teach. It used to be true that ‘garbage in, garbage out’ was all people needed to know about computers. While still… Read more »

Take the Narcissist Test and See If You Really Are Special

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Looking in a mirror doesn’t make you a narcissist Is everyone a narcissist at heart? Has the selfie generation finally become obsessed with itself to such an extent that a stubborn character flaw and possible mental illness has now become the norm? Everyone assumes narcissists are wrong and should have help to overcome their obsessions… Read more »