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Tips Can Take Many Forms, Be of Different Uses!

Tips Can Take Many Forms, Be of Different Uses!

I came across a really useful article, 10 Top Tips to Make Your Mobile Battery Last Longer, and thought I should share it in the open access spirit of these times.

Then  I thought I’d see what other top tips there are out there. And there are millions, quite literally!

Don’t Abandon All Hope (Yet)

Computer Hope, for example, publishes a long list  including such gems as

Main tips page with top 10 tips listed on Computer Hope
TIP 7 10 unknown Google tips
Top 10 unknown Google tips.
TIP 32 10 Computer mouse tips
Top 10 computer mouse tips everyone should know.
TIP 79 10 keyboard short cuts everyone should know
Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know.
TIP 80 10 Free PC programs everyone should have
Top 10 free PC programs everyone should have.
TIP 81 10 terms every parent of teenagers should know
Top 10 terms every parent of teenagers should know.
TIP 82 10 Firefox add-ons
Top 10 Firefox add-ons.
TIP 83 10 Firefox shortcut keys everyone should know
Top 10 Firefox shortcut keys everyone should know.
TIP 88 10 tips for keeping your email inbox clean
Top 10 tips for keeping your e-mail inbox clean.
TIP 89 10 steps in writing an effective email
Top 10 steps in writing an effective e-mail.
TIP 90 10 Facebook tips
Top 10 Facebook tips.
TIP 149 10 Twitter tips
Top 10 Twitter tips.
TIP 158 10 new computer user tips
Top 10 new computer user tips.
TIP 160 10 Internet tips and tricks
Top 10 Internet tips and tricks.
TIP 161 10 online services and applications
Top 10 online services and applications.
TIP 198 10 Windows 7 tips
Top 10 Windows 7 tips.
TIP 200 10 Windows 8 tips and tricks
Top 10 Windows 8 tips and tricks.
TIP 203 10 Google Chrome tips
Top 10 Google Chrome tips.

and even:
Top 10
Top 10 pages on Computer Hope

That last one got me thinking. A site publishes lots of tips and then a page about the top 10 pages it has just published! It’s self-perpetuating, isn’t it?

But then, it’s not so different from newspapers that publish stories about their own stories, or TV shows who have guests sitting there who have recently had the host as a guest on his/her own show.

Self-perpetuation is an upcoming buzz phrase, mark my word!

We as humans are self perpetuating, of course. We can (and do) have the power to reproduce ourselves for generations, perhaps indefinitely. Animals do the same. Robots and computers generally are fast approaching that status, too. Augmented reality, 3D printing and automatic replication/repair programs are on the horizon.

There is a named condition for it, now. Self-perpetuating Technology Dependency (SPTD)

It was highlighted by Explain Technology where the author had learned from medicine that ‘the more medical intervention you have, the more at risk you are for requiring additional medical intervention.’

He concluded that it means that ‘the more technology you adopt or use, the more technology you have to adopt, or learn to use, to manage it. In essence, the technology itself creates the need for more technological intervention. It becomes a compounding cycle.’

That is a lesson for our times.

Common Sense Useful

Many sites are concerned with hardware security and personal safety online, which makes sense. among others give you some basic but very sound ways of securing your safety.

Using anti-virus software, beware downloading, don’t trust emails, investigate anything ‘goofy’ on your machines, restrict administrative access, back up with cloud or another device in a different location, watch your kids, use different passwords for different sites, encrypt sensitive files and turn on your firewalls.

All good stuff and most people would skim the list and say, yep!, great. But according to some estimates, over 60% of users will not take even those basic precautions!

Do they therefore need more top tips sites? Or less?

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