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Turn off your devices and actually communicate with your children!

Turn off your devices and actually communicate with your children!

Many of our blogs from the past two years or so have raised issues and concerns that have later become really hot topics.

The interface between technology and the way we live is always a fast-bubbling cauldron of change, rumour, speculation, appliance of science and presentation. So, here are three past stories with some latest angles.

Doomsday Disasters

It has been confirmed that some of our greatest academic minds (Stephen Hawking, Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees and Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype) are hard at work producing a list of doomsday scenarios and what we can do about them.

They call ‘events with low probability but catastrophic consequences’, things that could happen which could destroy mankind and/or the earth. They work on the assumption that technological is making us more, not less, vulnerable.

These include:

  • cyber criminal attack on power and utility, transport, economy and financial networks of such intensity that we can no longer function
  • viruses and even co-ordinated devising of computers with minds of their own
  • climate change that causes ecological disaster
  • food and water shortages, drug-resistant diseases caused by the earth’s swelling population

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Prioritise The Person in Front of You

Those of you fed up with being phobbed off by somebody you are talking to being distracted by his or her smartphone, can take comfort. The tide may have just turned.

The National Association of Headteachers and the charity Family Action have teamed up to issue advice which has the backing of the Government.

Stop using your devices and get down to reading to your children! Actually talk to them!

This revolutionary advice comes in the face of signs that increasing numbers of children are unable to maintain a conversation face-to-face with another person, particularly an adult.

The advice states that children’s well-being is put at risk by parents who watch TV as a priority and who fail to develop speaking and listening skills in youngsters. It is apparent across the education system, but is becoming more marked in school starters, that they are incapable of conversing properly, lacking skills essential to normal communication in life.

Pressure of work, daily life, the immediacy of texts, emails, social networks should all fall behind talking with children on the -to-do-list.

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Tweet-tweet Go the Strings of My Heart

PIXmania is an ecommerce site who have produced a study about how long modern couples take to ‘fall in love.’ Half the time it took their parents, apparently.

They found that Twitter is now the flirt of choice for most young people. The over-55s spent two and a half months doing what used to be called ‘courting’. The under 25s now take less than a month, along with 224 tweets, 163 texts, 70 Facebook messages, 30 phone calls and 37 emails.

Ah, the romance!

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