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Online business needs a realistic, consistent strategy

Online business needs a realistic, consistent strategy

Whether you use the internet purely for personal things or you work for or operate a business dependent on internet working, new ways of using the resource are always welcome and necessary.

An autumn business event by Norfolk Chamber called Be Better @ Online focussed on a range of areas which are useful now for any of us concerned with harnessing web business even more.

Content Is Still Mega King

The conference pointed out that the days of business websites comprising a welcome, contact details and a few product details are long gone. Now the content really matters and serious businesses take content very seriously.

So, their advice was – don’t write a blog for the sake of writing a blog. We hope MailBigFile blogs are not just for the sake of themselves, but actually help fulfill the criteria and often break new issues.

We hope our blogs are as suggested:

  • Useful
  • Helpful
  • Speak to customers
  • Challenging
  • Give advice and opinion about things in general but web in particular
  • Drive and engage interest, sharing and followers.

Worth a look is Marcus Sheridan’s site for its basic but invaluable help in use of blogs and sites for business-saving and development.

On Top of Technology

With the cloud, more mobility, more efficient devices in customers’ hands, big data and security all very much live issues, your business needs to be equally on top of what customers can do and therefore what you should do, at least.

If you think that in the past couple of years, some observers estimate we have collectively generated 90% of the data that has ever existed, you’ll get it into perspective.

Handling, sorting and using some of this data as well as adding to it, is a must for all businesses and actually most individuals working.

Search engine optimisation is a given and plagiarism/copyright issues will need clarification and enforcement as digital content becomes both essential and valuable.

According to the Eastern Daily Press reporting the event (11 September 2013), ‘in a competitive environment defined by change and speed’ we see a shift to what is called ‘New Style IT’ which enables business to capitalise on the data explosion, ‘reap the benefits of the cloud and leverage the technology and concepts of mobility.’

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Other Tips from the event:

  1. Holly Stibbon of 101Smart on email marketing said ‘it performs best when used in conjunction with other forms to deliver a consistent message to a target audience.’ She felt that good data management is the key to properly targetting campaigns.
  2. James Thomas of Square Social argued that ‘the hard sell is dead.’ He described The Birth of the Social Sales Force which is consigning cold-calling and telesales to history.
  3. Online networking was highlighted as being far more than platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It takes in ‘community websites, forums and authoritative websites.’ Reviews and recommendations, communication is now the way to build brand recognition and consistency which means to build relationships carefully and respectfully.

Chamber director Caroline Williams wrote in the EDP that at work and home we readily embrace the digital age, but how often ‘do we ask if we’re using the technology to do better business?’

She defined the digital and online opportunities as ‘media’ and said no business would use traditional media without a strategy. That’s identifying audience, getting message right and requiring measurable results.

Last words words to the quote from Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay that Caroline found: ‘We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.’

That’s it. Rich connections. Communication. That’s the name of the game.

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