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Green stories to brighten the world of now and tomorrow

Green stories to brighten the world of now and tomorrow

We like to run green blogs from time here in MBF Blogs. This one is a veritable display of some of the best news item that have been flowering recently.

Home Working Saves the Environment

Working from home is many people’s ideal. Well, their ambitions have received a boost from a new report from Vodafone and RSA, the think tank, who say it could give public sector workers five more productive hours every week.

The net result of less travel, more restful conditions (for some) could be worth £4200 for every employee on average, which totals to a whopping £1.2 billion a year, plus a saving to the Treasury of around £200 million.

The benefits arise from improvements in productivity, more innovation and time savings as a result of flexible working and using more technology in the home.

End of Shipping by Road, Rail, Sea and Air?

As people get more into understanding the enormous potential of 3D printers, the realisation is now dawning that among other casualties from the old ways of doing things, will be factory lines, either human or automatic.

China is starting to get worried about its huge container fleet that crosses the oceans bringing mountains of goods to Europe. If they are made in every locality, then what need of ships?

Or trains, planes and juggernauts on the roads? There’ll always be lower scale deliveries, of course, and raw materials will be needed in 3D production zones.

But the era of factory manufacturing hubs fed by massive transport networks is OVER soon. What will Amazon do to counteract this or work with it?

Jobs will go, but the environment will heave sigh of relief and fresher air, presumably.

Bin It

Inevitably, as the automation of messages/instructions goes on across our entire social and working lives, now we have solar-powered bins telling us when they are full.

Boscombe in Dorset are trailing ten ‘Big Belly’ rubbish bins that transmit ‘text messages and emails’ (why not just a signal?) when they are full up.

It will save the council (taxpayers) money, and make emptying trips more efficient.

I can sense domestic versions are not far behind – a kitchen waste bin that texts you when it is full, a fridge that Skypes you when it is running short of key foodstuffs and a toilet that emails you when you forget to flush!

Driverless Cars

By this autumn the first trials of cars without drivers will have hit the streets of Britain. Terrifying thought?

Mmm. Well, it is probably inevitable that one day all journeys will be done by robots and/or remote systems.

But the green lobby are jumping with delight that technology-driven vehicles will drive better so less fuel will be consumed. So even if people are knocked over or technical crashes cause real crashes or breakdowns, as long as less fuel and pollution is around, great.

Dogs Welcome to Texts

And finally, a story about animal welfare and the heat – so that makes it environment, green and health issue-based – comes news that during the summer heat a new invention using now well established technology took off.

The days of people leaving dogs in overheated cars while they went off to do something else, came to an end. At least potentially so.

‘AnimAlarm’ is a little device that sits in the car when you leave your hound inside and monitors the inside temperature. It sells for a jaw dropping £107.99, but could save animal lives.

When it gets too hot a text is sent to the owners to warn them to return to the car and release the stricken pet.

In fact it can be used as a temperature-warning system for any animal on the move or static and applies to low temperatures just as much.

One application is the elderly and frail who may also need monitoring in extreme weathers. There were no reports of any animal eating the alarm through boredom, but I may have missed it.

They also sell a cool non-toxic gel mat, the AniMat, which holds a patented gel that stays cool automatically, is soft to lie on, folds away, is impervious to cats’ claws and is washable. It sells at a reasonable £19.99 and would also cool down babies and toddlers who are too hot.

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