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Words are vital enough to be used correctly and appropriately

Words are vital enough to be used correctly and appropriately

While you are whiling away time enjoying your summer holiday, spare a thought for toilers in the contemporary jungle you have left behind.

Try to resist staying in the loop or even ahead of the curve. Don’t flag any ideas up the pole. Don’t helicopter over a hypothetical situation. Just give your brain a rest.

But even if you do that, strange, wild and mad expressions may rise to your consciousness, even if you hear them around you from other holiday makers.

Do Things People Say Annoy, Or Do People Annoy?

So what are these truly annoying expressions and jargon phrases? Well, you may have used some yourself. Why, if they are so irritating to you?

The answer to that may lie in the notion that most people are too afraid of embarrassment or having too little knowledge, to own up to not understanding a term. So they go along with it.

Others follow suit and before we know it we are landed with yet another often meaningless, unnecessarily verbose piece of jargon. The business of all things digital has exacerbated the problem.

Vote for your least favourite phrase

Choose, if you can, from the following list of euphemisms, Americanisms, clever-clever phraseology, over the top words, spin-doctoring.

Remember, that nowadays ‘issues’ is the catch-all buzz word. It means what problems used to mean. Challenges are issues that are more than issues that require some actionables.

  • thinking outside box
  • going/moving forward
  • at this moment in time
  • reach out
  • it’s on my radar
  • let’s touch base soonest
  • ticking the boxes
  • singing from the same hymn sheet
  • roll-out
  • wrongside the demographic
  • a heads-up
  • a tipping point
  • a wake-up call
  • step up to the plate
  • lessons will be learned
  • issues around stakeholder satisfaction
  • deliver robust solutions
  • up and running from the get-go
  • rubber hits the road
  • from the off
  • it’s a big ask
  • flag up
  • low-hanging fruit
  • desk divide/digital divide/gender divide
  • it’s a win-win situation
  • it’s a no-brainer
  • best practice
  • basically we need this to be turn-key
  • leveraging
  • 110 per cent
  • 1000 per cent
  • pushing the envelope
  • blue sky thinking
  • black sky thinking
  • clear blue water thinking
  • idea shower
  • cascade ideas
  • blame-storming
  • go the extra mile
  • bear with me
  • a work-life balance thing
  • absolutely
  • ping it over
  • I’ll revert back
  • you’re a star
  • catch you later
  • take it to the next level

And while you consider a) if these annoy you and b) if you use any regularly, remember that the current most irritating expression is when somebody says ‘no problem’. What does that actually MEAN????

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