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At last I am not the only person in Britain who is sick and tied of the selfie – not alone in being fed up to the back teeth with a plague-like obsession with self-taken images that instantly clog up social media.

Sick to death with the selfish and self-indulgent hobby of taking and imposing squashed photos. Faces, friends, so-called celebs, deliberately, accidentally (The Queen!), bunch of drunks … so many variations of the same boring nonsense.

I mean the sort of photo taken with an arm or stick raised high or even a picture taken in a mirror.

NOW the National Gallery in London has banned them. Along with the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Palace of Versailles in France. The red carpet for increasing numbers of celeb awards is now no longer the place for the habit – banned by new rules.

Er, correction, these places have banned the selfie-stick, or ‘narcistick’ as the ridiculous device has been rightly labelled. The taking of actual selfies is still allowed especially if done covertly, but hopefully will be banned outright and forever as sensible people try to return to some sort of age of reason.

Only those who think far too much of themselves go to all the endless trouble to take selfies and the long arm sticks are the ultimate edge of lunacy with the whole business.

Pictures At An Exhibition

It is fitting that museums and art galleries are fighting back. People go to them to see the pictures on display, not endless people only interested in filming themselves in front of the pictures. I

f you go to see a painting, you are often crowded out by people with cameras on sticks who move on, hardly glancing at the work of art, anxious not to miss another selfie opportunity ahead.

It has been suggested that enterprising artistic and cultural establishments should set up special selfie areas near the refreshments and toilets with images of the star pictures displayed and they can queue up and take their silly selfies, leaving those interested in the real and original art to get a look in.

Not My First Try

I have form in pouring scorn on the selfie madness.

Last November I posed the tantalising hope – At Last the Selfie Is Designed Into Oblivion By Clever Design Work, (25 November 2014). Unfortunately the selfie is still around.

Only a few months earlier I claimed Time to Stop the Selfie, It’s Got Beyond Ridiculous, 14 May 2014

So what about you? Happy to be surrounded by them? To take part in some? To share them with others? Or do you think people could now get more creative and original?

Image: MC1 Daniel Hinton, US military