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What would Steve Jobs make of the Apple Watch?

What would Steve Jobs make of the Apple Watch?

Questions inspired by the new Apple Watch

MBF Director and runner Steve Barber would buy the new Apple Watch if it had ‘standalone GPS. Currently if you wanted to use the Apple Watch as a GPS running watch you would also need to carry your iPhone, not great.‘

Lisa thinks they’re ‘far too expensive for a fashion item’. Dan Williams might be persuaded if it was under £200 but may be more interested in the second generation version.

He said, ‘The industry needs to decide what the most useful feature of these actually is. I think they look great and Apple have made a wise decision to market it as a fashion accessory.’

So, as MBF/Dessol staff have their say and Apple watchers wait anxiously as the giant company launches its long awaited computer on a wrist, the Apple Watch, questions are being asked although we do know a certain amount already .

Questions Need Answering

Kyle Vanhemert asked on Wired  ‘why does the Apple Watch exist? and answered it with ‘who knows?’ But, it does, so other questions need responses too.

  • Will the Apple Watch sell 10 million of the basic models at around £299 by the end of this year?
  • Will the Apple Watch sell 1 million a month of the top of the range models made in 18ct gold and costing £13500 each by late summer?
  • Will the choice of sizes (38mm and 42mm) together with three models (Standard, Sport and Edition) with a variety of straps satisfy demand for style?
  • Will the Apple Watch replace your car keys, most credit/debit cards and hotel/house keys? Will all the health and fitness facilities on it become life-changing and essential?
  • Will it matter to buyers of the Apple Watch that they must already own an iPhone to make it work fully?
  • As Dan said, ‘how will they deal with the issue of short battery life for what is essentially an extension of your smartphone?’

Yes, but the really significant questions are:

  • Will Apple succeed in changing what has become a cultural trend?
  • Does the argument for the watch mean the iPhone and tablets are a nuisance and destined for the scrap heap?

Bare Wrists All Round

Over the past 30 years as Apple transformed our lives with the iMac and then the iPhone and the iPad the wearing of wrist watches has been in steady decline.

Few young people and only some mid-age people wear them at all. Older people hang on their lifetime habits of wearing a wrist watch.

Ask a younger person – ‘What’s the time?’ They interrogate their phones, naturally. Their wrists are bare.

Ironically, then as Apple started and encouraged this demise of wearing watches that had been around for centuries, they are now going to reverse it and have everyone sporting wrist accessories.

Can it be done?

Well, if they can start trends, they can start others by reversing their own!

What Does MBF Think?

Well, I still use a wrist watch and see no reason to love an Apple Watch, though I love my Mac and quite like my iPhone. But I’m old.

We did a quick snapshot round the MBF/Dessol office. Director Steve Barber said ‘I wear a Garmin Forerunner 10 for running, but for day-to-day I don’t wear a wristwatch and use my iPhone for the time.’

Lisa uses her phone for the time but developer Dan Williams said, ‘I do indeed wear a wristwatch. It’s a classic Casio digital illuminator in a metal – £17. Bargain. Tells the time and the date – everything I need a watch to do.’

We know what at least one journalist thinks of the Apple Watch. Hannah Jane Parkinson wrote an article called Nine reasons only a tool would buy the Apple Watch!

What do you think?

A couple of oldies to revisit:

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FOOTNOTE: George Arnett asked in The Guardian  ‘How long would it take a Foxconn worker to earn enough for an Apple Watch Edition?’ His answer was 910 days spending nothing on anything else. How long would it take chief executive Tim Cook? 48 hours!