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Suited Cyber Crime Panel Will Not Keep Us All Safe

Suited Cyber Crime Panel Will Not Keep Us All Safe

Cybercrime. Aren’t you sick of hearing about it? Well we shouldn’t be but it seems some people are, as if they are bored with something that could destroy their entire worlds in due course.

Yes, cybercrime does not go away. The fight against it is endless.

In a tiny piece in the Daily Telegraph on 26 September, security editor Tom Whitehead reported that cyber criminals ‘could soon hack into unmanned drones, traffic systems and medical implants, causing mayhem.’

Europol Report

The European Police Office and the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance have collaborated to produce a report, Project 2020 which predicts that in just seven years, ‘the difference between cyber crime and physical harm will become blurred.’

Europol is the EU’s law enforcement agency handling cross-border criminal intelligence, and its work at the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) is described as a collaborative European response.

It has a mandate that tackles the following main criminal areas:

  • That committed by organised groups to generate large criminal profits such as online fraud
  • That which causes serious harm to the victim such as online child sexual exploitation
  • That which affects critical infrastructure and information systems in the European Union

Anyone can report cyber crime directly to them and they also run cybercrime training for Member states’ institutions that do not have the capacity or funding to keep ahead of the crime.

The alliance (ICSPA)  promotes online safety and security of business communities, by ‘helping to deliver resources and expertise from the private sector to support both domestic and international law enforcement agencies and their governments, in their task of reducing harm from cyber crime.’

They also try to improve cyber resilience across ‘Critical National Infrastructures’ in countries which face the greatest challenges.

The Full Report

All of Project 2020 report is down-loadable.

The website explains: ‘Its aim is to anticipate the future of cybercrime, enabling governments, businesses and citizens to prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities of the coming decade. It comprises a range of activities, including common threat reporting, scenario exercises, policy guidance and capacity building.’

While we have become familiar (if not actually bored, as at start of this post!) with the need to be vigilant, wary and cautious…. it is the word ‘harm’ that should act as the biggest wake-up call to everyone. With the increasing use of wearable technology, tattoos and algorithms which replace human thinking and doubt, the dangers are greater than ever,

The report should be looked at by everyone who has ever felt the chill of fearing that somebody has invaded your house, wallet, bank account and personal information and bled them all dry.

For the more technically minded and those interested in US/international aspects, check out KrebsOnSecurity written daily by former Washington Post journalist Brian Krebs.

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