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Do you want to stand out from the crowd and do something really weird, usual, wacky and bizarre?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and do something really weird, usual, wacky and bizarre?

Google Unearths Some Fascinating, Weird, Unusual and Wacky Corners of the Earth

You might well be planning your 2014 holiday now. Cold, dark, bleak nights are a good time to dream of warmer climes, new and exciting locations and fascinating adventures. You might even want something a bit more off beat, quirky, unusual. Even weird?

Well, MBF Blogs offers the following suggestions for those desperate for some left-field destinations this year. Quirky Guide is a dedicated site for ‘offbeat travel ideas and suggestions’ which include Perky’s Bat Tower in Florida and the Bonk Museum in Finland.

My favourite is  The Forbidden Corner,  Yorkshire, the ultimate in English eccentricity, surrealism and pure genius. But there are a few other sites to check out.

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11 of the Strangest Places on Earth Anna Fleet describes challenges for the ‘self-proclaimed adventurer anxious for a travel experience beyond any other.’

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Quirky Accommodation offers bookings in a chapel, a castle, a watermill, yurts, American Airstream or gypsy caravans, a converted bus, a windmill or the Yellow Submarine in Liverpool Docks.

And if you like heights. Really high heights …

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