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You Can’t Hide from the Privacy and Facebook Mutually Incompatible Issue

You Can’t Hide from the Privacy and Facebook Mutually Incompatible Issue

Must surely be time for an update on news stories about Facebook, mainly of the kind that their hierarchy wished weren’t around?

Well, here we go anyway…

Website To Monitor

Just like soap spoilers and anti-supermarket sites, there are some websites who exist to dish the dirt and spill the beans on Facebook. For them, the ‘Evil Empire’ marches on, and while it’ll take more than a few websites from disillusioned people to shake the confidence of fans, we thought we’d share some of the latest with you.

Unbelievable Stories

Under the heading 10 Unbelievable Stories about Facebook  Oddee published in 2009 a series of apparently true events. To be fair a couple of them are GOOD stories for the social media empire.

  • the woman who had her Facebook photo stolen and used as advertising in the Czech Republic
  • the depressed woman who lost benefits over her Facebook beach photos
  • the groom who updated Facebook at the altar during his wedding
  • the husband who dumped his wife by Facebook
  • the teenager who walked away from assault charges thanks to a Facebook alibi
  • the kidnapped kid who found his family after 22 years with help from Facebook
  • the boy who set a Facebook poll saying IF I GET 1,000,000 FOLLOWERS I WILL GET THE 150 POKEMON TATTOOED ON MY BACK! He had to hide himself after failing to keep his promise
  • the couple with the same full name that got married after meeting through Facebook
  • the 13-year old girl who met a man on Facebook, had sex with him and then hid him in her closet
  • the bride-to-be who cancelled the wedding after spotting her fiance embracing another woman on Facebook….

Perhaps the most amusing aspect of this site is that at the end of this article, you are urged: don’t forget to join Oddee at Facebook!!

Controlling Facebook

Under normal circumstances it’s a one-way street. Facebook likes to control it all. However, Sophie Curtis offered 10 top tips to ‘take control of Facebook’ in the Daily Telegraph (12 October 2013).

When Facebook announced the ending of the feature that allowed users to limit who could find them by typing their name into the Facebook search bar, she decided to offer some advice to readers who were concerned about the whole privacy issue in general and Facebook in particular.

Facebook claimed the feature was a ‘primitive ex-directory’ used by a small percentage of users. But as Curtis wrote, ‘in the age of Facebook, privacy is no longer as simple as being asked to be taken out of the phone book.’

She suggested solutions to the following circumstances:

  • How to stop specific friends from seeing all of your posts
  • Avoiding unwanted friend requests
  • Escaping the over-enthusiastic
  • How to stop prospective employers finding out anything
  • How to stop people posting embarrassing things about you
  • Politely rejecting friend requests
  • How to stop your house being burgled while you are away
  • Hide your age or your gender
  • How to prevent ‘Facebook parties’
  • How to go off the grid

She concludes by suggesting that this last one is simple. You can deactivate your account, but if you log in again, your entire account is restored. However, ‘Facebook provides a form that you can fill in to have all record of you removed.’

If you do that, she thought you could go out and ‘enjoy spending time with your real friends in person.’

Now that’s a thought!

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