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Love your workplace, wherever it is

The workplace is the hub of whatever we do and it helps if we can love it. At least it is for those who work.

School, households, offices, factories, call centres or wherever – the workplace can be the space that becomes empowering or imprisoning.

MBF presents five top tips from five experts as brought together in Stella magazine (23 August 2015) and reported by Lucinda Everett.


Love Your Job in the Workplace

New York columnist Kerry Hannon talked about ‘the new rules for career happiness’ in the workplace:

  • Run your career like a one-person business
  • Make an effort to get along with co-workers
  • Ask if you can do more of what you like the most
  • Declutter your workspace
  • Mentor someone else

Think Differently

Octavius Black, author of The Mind Gym: Achieve More by Thinking Differently advised the following:

  • Co-ordinate challenging tasks with your most effective times
  • Make meetings for decision making, not sharing information
  • Cut every email by 50%
  • Be ruthless with your time at work, it’s precious
  • Do not email or call anyone if you’re angry or upset

Open Blend Method

Open Blend is an app that works to ‘keep key talent in the workplace’, by Anna Rasmussen:

  • Work and life should be blended, not balanced
  • Make your well being a top priority
  • Don’t compare yourself, focus your energy on what you get right
  • Share with like-minded people to forestall problems
  • Work collaboratively on all fronts with your partner

Change the Way You Work

According to David Heinemeier Hansson, project tool Basecamp can change the way you work ‘forever’ in the workplace or outside it.

  • Don’t be a workaholic, make each hour count more
  • Don’t put off decisions
  • Make ‘no’ your default; say ‘yes’ rarely
  • Don’t talk in abstracts; make something tangible
  • Know when it’s time to give up and move on

Career Coach

Corinne Mills, author of Career Coach, reckoned the best tips to be:

  • Get to grips with what makes your career personality, what works
  • Be genuinely motivated in all you do
  • Sound out friends, family, business, social connections as well as a coach
  • Set career goals and timelines
  • Risks should be calculated and taken!

And good luck!

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