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PIC FROM Sarah DeRemer / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED:cross between a baboon and a sparrow - Birboon ) - New species have been created by an enterprising artist who has merged photos of animals together in this incredible series of pictures. Californian Sarah DeRemer, 25, started making hybrid animals as a way to improve her photoshop skills. SEE CATERS COPY23F7289000000578-2869796-_Mittens_area_mash_up_of_cute_kittens_and_monkeys_which_are_crea-a-38_1418294772143

What do you think of when someone says hybrid animals?

Things from the wild, from imagination or from the two? Well check out these hybrid animal photoshop images courtesy of 25-year old Sarah Lee DeRememer from California.

Even seen a monkey with face of a kitten and thought to call the resulting things ‘mittens’?

Sarah DeRememer has. A whole Frankenstein gallery of them.

Divided opinions

Frequently labelled a serial hybrid animal maker, a creator of images that are equally bizarre, surreal, cute, sinister – she has divided opinion. She has said, ‘I really like the juxtaposition between cute and scary animals.’

It’s not just kittens and monkeys that have inspired her. She has made birds, dogs, bears, long-horned cattle, killer sharks and chipmunks as one, as totally credible hybrid animals you almost feel you could see in a zoo, if not take home.

Using up to 20 layers of photoshopping per image, she aims for a seamless transition from one to another, often merging harmless mammals with some of the most ferocious. Each can take her 4 hours or more to create.

She did it originally to improve her photoshop skills, but now she is addicted. She can’t stop producing them.

What do you think?

We ought to be use to hybrid animals or hybrid anything else nowadays, from hybrid fuel engines to mash ups as art. But are there limits? If so, have these reached them?