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Has the smartphone now gone crazy?

Has the smartphone now gone crazy?

A bunch of experimenters at Bristol University have come up with the notion that in 15 years or less, the mobile phone will ‘morph’ in our palms into a variety of shapes to suit whatever purpose they are being used for.

They reckon a generation of intelligent memory plastics and metals will lead to the malleable device which could be a games console one minute or a ‘stress ball’ the next.

There is already an app, Emotion Sense, that keeps track of a person’s moods throughout the day which is being billed as a way of ‘turning your smartphone into a pocket therapist.’

It works by collecting data on where we are, how noisy/polluted our environment is, how much we are moving about and who we are in touch with. From this raw information, it will also track conversations and work out how we are feeling

Is the Realism of Virtual Getting Silly Now?

Latest idea from Durex condoms is that you have just as much fun with your partner remotely as if he/she is in the room with you!

Is the technology now so much it can cause relationship rows? After not asking directions, misusing toothpaste tubes and leaving the toilet seats up, now comes news of fresh reasons for outbreaks of marital strife.

According to electronics retailers Maplin who ran a survey for some reason, problems with hi-tech equipment in the home are a ‘major source of domestic turmoil.’ One in six people apparently own up to family arguments over tech break downs.

Things like too many cables, no signals, insufficient plug sockets, mismatching devices, different operating systems and lack of knowledge to deal with were listed as high stress and frustration points.

It seems we are often too keen to blame a partner, the kids, the dog, the government – anything – for our misery. Yet over 40% admitted to ‘never getting problems fixed.’ They just fume instead.

The answer? Well, see the first item. A smartphone that becomes a stress ball, but may not work properly should you want to make an old fashioned phone call to somebody!

Is It Now So Crazy That Dogs Can Have Technology?

In a move being dubbed ‘iPaws’, Open University scientists are working with several dogs’ charities in Britain to train canines to operate a new generation of computers!

Man’s best friend will turn on devices, washing machines and even answer the phone by  pressing the appropriate buttons. Even more, they are developing a variety of touch screens, shake implements that dogs can get their teeth round.

The experiments should lead to help for the disabled and elderly, so we should applaud it!

Is a Talking Parking Ticket Really a Good Idea?

British company FlashPark have devised a parking ticket which gives motorists a ‘friendly warning’ rather than slapping on a massive fine.

Parking Charge Notices can be issued by private landowners as well as councils, and motorists are currently coughing up millions every year to pay for parking where they wish they hadn’t. The DVLA in Swansea funded by the taxpayer, gives out home details of around 1.5 drivers a year who have parked on private land, and those citizens then fork out  £150 million in fines.

Now, FlashPark have embedded a 30 second audio message in the ticket warning the ‘dear motorist.’ Supporters (who are raking in the dough) claim it is flexible delivery method allowing stern or straightforward messages to get over. Responses from motorists are possible in the latest versions.

Unsurprisingly, drivers’ organisations are against it, suggesting electrics may interfere with cars’ systems. They may also interfere with people’s well being.

But never fear, the smartphone is now a pocket therapist…. which is where we started this blog. Life is sometimes a series of circles. Or spirals, anyway.

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