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Anger, Stress, Slow-Computers, Worries - But a Long Life of Happy Spending For All

Anger, Stress, Slow-Computers, Worries – But a Long Life of Happy Spending For All

Live longer to enable you to spend more time online .. that seems to be the message from various surveys about living.

A number of recent studies and surveys point out some interesting facts on the way we live, and more importantly, how we are changing, at this point in the digital revolution.

One suggests we waste some five and a half days every year just waiting for slow computers and laptops to load up and get going. That, by implication, covers slow broadband speed frustrations too.

The stats confirmed almost a third of Brits found slow loaders devices ‘put them in a bad mood for the rest of the day’, while 29% said ‘they lost sleep over it.’ Surely that cannot be true?

Far more credible, is the stat that 20% of us admit to ‘relieving frustration at a gadget by stamping on it or throwing it against the wall.’When We Are Awake

Apparently, all that frustration apart, when we are awake (in the UK) we are devoting 1 in 12 of those minutes surfing the net.

Ye Gods! That’s the sort of jaw-dropper from the same league that tells us £1 in every £8 spent in Britain, goes through the tills of Tescos.

So, every hour we are awake, a full 5 minutes goes on web stuff!

The sector that is most perked up by this is, of course, the advertising one. £3bn came their way in just the first 6 months of this year as companies lavished money on trying to entice all those Brits online so much every day.

That spend works out at £66 per user forked out by advertisers salivating at the 46m internet users we have on this island. Have you actually spent more than £66 on something you saw advertised on the net?

When We Are Asleep

Everybody knows that worries can affect our beauty sleep. Money worries and concerns about the future are among the biggest disrupters of our well being.

However, it now turns out that production of oxytocin and dopamine, the ‘love hormones’ released by the brain when we experience pleasure, can actually be enhanced when we think about savings

Standard Life were the surprising funders of this particular piece of life-changing research and concluded that while money worries can trigger stress and anxiety, ‘carefully managed finances’ can make people feel more ‘confident, optimistic and calmer.’

Wow! I wonder why a bank/insurance/investment company would be pleased with those findings?

When We Are Old

Ever-resourceful Google is reported to have teamed up Apple chairman Arthur Levinson to launch Calico, a new company which will attempt to ‘increase the human lifespan’.

Google’s Larry Page is quoted as saying, ‘Illness and aging affect all our families, from the decreased mobility and mental agility that comes with age to life-threatening diseases that exact a terrible toll….’

So what they have come up with is some ‘longer-term, moon-shot thinking around healthcare and biotechnology.’ That is the secret to healthy longevity, biochemistry. They may be right, in which case Google will be rolling in money forevermore.

The average age for a British man is 79 and woman is 82. To push that up significantly is surely only appealing if our health survives with us?

Why do it? Presumably so longer-living people can spend more time online watching adverts and spending, more time getting stressed with their devices and slow ones but sleep better because they have longer for their savings to grow at paltry interest rates!

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