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o-CAPUNGER-900 A number of TV programmes are about how police catch criminals and social misbehaviour people through dash-cams, CCTV and helicopters. Soon it will be drones.slide_358295_3978401_free slide_358295_3978402_free slide_358295_3978403_free DCIM100GOPRO slide_358295_3978408_free slide_358295_3978409_free slide_358295_3978411_free slide_358295_3978412_free

Now comes news of the first ever drone photography competition, publicised by Huffington Post as ‘Dronestagram photography’ which gives a drone’s eye view of Planet Earth.

The organisers claim that drone photography showcases beautiful aerial photography but also geographic data. Popular equipment included the DJI Phantom drone fitted with a GoPro Hero 3 camera.

More details are on the Dronetagram site.

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