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The near-miss is far more serious than a fallen ice cream

Of all the daft things people say these days – from ‘going forward’, ‘at this moment in time’, to ‘perfect storm’ I think ‘near-miss’ takes the biscuit.

It describes an unplanned situation where somebody had a lucky escape, where an accident about to happen, didn’t, where people got away by the skin of their teeth. A near-miss is a close call, a close shave or too close for comfort.

It can apply to airplanes almost colliding with drones or each other; rocks crashing through windows; people almost being knocked off their bikes…. the Grim Reaper whistles past in touching distance, but on this occasion doesn’t stop and say hello.

The point is the crash, mishap, disaster, accident DIDN’T happen.


It was in fact, a near-hit, not a near miss!

Videos Galore

The web is chock-a-block with video clips of people escaping with their lives. Yahoo has a whole section of them.

A dad soups up a toy car and invites his kids to test it out!

The cat that suddenly appeared on a plane wing during a flight is an example of a cat having a ‘near-miss’ and using up one of its nine lives or any other cliches around.

YouTube has a five minute compilation of them mainly, but not exclusively, involving two wheels, four wheels and two legs (usually running).

And another one appealingly entitled, ‘These guys should all be dead.’

And More of Them

It’s not only people doing silly things, it’s also the weather, the wind, the seas, the earth itself that gives rise to the near-miss.

Channel 5 has trailers for various scariest programmes.

From this you can easily get sidetracked into the world’s scariest animal attacks or the world’s greatest heroes or daredevils.

If you have had a plane flight recently or have one soon, the moment two planes almost collided at Barcelona in 2014 may not be for you.

That one again and six others are offered but it’s not clear whether they are warnings or entertainment.

Beware the Bike

Finally, for all you bike enthusiasts, The Near Miss Project is research being undertaking through logged accounts of scary moments experienced by real live cyclists.

They got accounts from almost 2000 cyclists with hair-raising tales of near-misses caused by road rage or madly close passes and it’s reported fully in The Guardian.

Or catch the car ploughing into a huge pack of Brazilian cyclists on a rally – this was a near-miss in the sense that nobody was actually killed!

Happy flying, driving, cycling, walking and living!

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