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business-28Most people like a business with a pun in the title. Something clever to make a customer smile and think good thoughts of the shop or company.

In Lowestoft we used to have an obvious shop called ‘Ann Teek’ and a hairdressers called ‘Hair’s Linda” which owed more to our local accent than anything.

Others that have been publicised recently include:

Junk & Disorderly (self explanatory)
Den of Antiquity (antiques shop)
Dr Hackett, Surgeon ( a doctor)
Halal – Is It Meat You’re Looking For? (butchers’ shop)

Some funny images circulate the net.

Other recent ones I’ve found include:

  • A Fish Called Rhondda – a fish and chip shop in South Wales
  • California: Brain Wash (laundromat/movie theatre) – San Francisco CA
  • The Washing Well (laundromat) – Berkeley CA
  • Blade Runner (hair salon) – San Luis Obispo
  • Old Volks Home (VW-centric auto parts) – Redding CA
  • Minnesota – Once Upon a Crime (mystery bookstore) – Minneapolis MN
  • New Mexico – The Pie-O-Neer Cafe (cafe) – Pie Town, NM
  • Oregon – Northwest Hairlines (hair salon) – Salem OR
  • The Salem International Hairport (hair salon) – Salem OR
  • Knot Another Hat (knitting store) – Hood River OR
  • Kentucky – With Ewe in Mind (yarn store) – Paducah KY


  • Missouri –  Sherlock’s Home (mystery bookstore) – Liberty MO
  • Nevada – If Books Could Kill (mystery bookstore) – Las Vegas NV
  • Rhode Island – Pour Judgment (craft beer bar) – Newport RI
  • And the Beadz Go On… (yarn and craft shop) – Wickford RI
  • Texas – Adventures in Crime and Space (mystery bookstore) – Austin TX
  • Knot Just Yarn – Hitchcock TX
  • Vermont – Ace of Blades (lawn maintenance service) – Essex Juntion VT
  • Saving Time (vintage watch repair) – Underhill VT
  • On the Rise (bakery) – Richmond VT
  • Ewe and Me (wool farm) – Westford VT
  • The Crate Escape (doggie daycare) – South Burlington VT
  • Sew’in’ Love (tailoring) – East Johnsbury VT
  • The Hempest (hemp clothing) – Burlington VT
  • What Ales You (pub) – Burlington VT
  • Sewly Yours (bridal tailoring) – Burlington VT
  • The Old Spokes Home (bicycle repair) – Winooski VT
  • Men at Wok (Chinese restaurant) – Taft Corners VT
  • The Family Hairloom (hair salon) – Barre VT
  • The Mane Concern (hair salon) – Barre VT
  • The Permanent Solution (hair salon) – Hinesburg VT
  • All-Ways Hair (hair salon) – Milton VT
  • Hair Force One (hair salon) – Rutland VT
  • Knits and Bolts (yarn and fabric) – New Haven VT
  • Petra Cliffs (climbing gym) – Burlington VT
  • Full of Beans (coffeehouse) – Waterbury VT (RIP)
  • Capitol Grounds (coffeehouse in state capitol) – Montpelier VT
  • Scotland – The Reading Lasses Bookshop (feminist bookshop) – Wigtown, Scotland
  • Canada – Sheep Thrills Farm (sheepdog training) – Grandora SK
  • New Zealand – Sheer Magic (lingerie) – Taupo
  • Deli ca Sea (seafood) – Taupo
  • Bean There, Drank That (coffee) – Putuharu

There is a site that supplies name suggestions for your business, for a fee, of course.

For a shop that repairs washing machines, hoovers and the like, they suggested:
Money Launderers
Grim Repairs
Clean Break
Stranger than Fixin’
The Appliance Den
Cycle Recycle
Lazarus Machines
Just Wash Me
Immortal Machines
Undead Washers

For a male holiday fitness business, they came up with:
Trop and Give Me 20
The Vacation Train
Full Body Vacation
All Intense and Purposes
Body Hard, Play Hard

And for a women’s accessories boutique they offered:
Pussy Galore
Purrfect Pieces
Handbag Lady
Feline Your Best
That Lovin’ Feline
Pawsitively Everything
Brooching the Subject
Lipstick on a Cat
Santa Claws

Here are 20 more at Huffington Post.

And 21 more from the same publication.

And finally,

A clever site, Know Your Meme has lots of images and names meshed together in memes and it’s worth a look, even if just for the smile factor.

There is one we made earlier on memes, to catch up on. Internet Memes Are Sometimes Fun with a Satirical, Serious Purpose, 25 September 2012