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The race is on to win techno device dominance this year

The race is on to win techno device dominance this year

The Race Is On: In Lane 1 We Have Google, In Lane 2 It’s Apple

In the continuous, ever escalating race for dominance and market share among all the technological giants, the one between Apple and Google looks set to hot up this year.

It may well offer consumers more choice, more things that can be accomplished and possibly more expense too. But most users don’t seem to mind that.

Google: Self-Proclaimed Leader

According to Christopher Williams in the Daily Telegraph on Boxing Day, Google predicts its dominant search engine will beat Apple as both companies wrestle to ‘turn the smartphone and other devices into intelligent, voice-controlled personal assistants.’ That includes virtual assistants too.

He reckoned both teams have engineers working ‘to crack the problems of making machines understand complex spoken questions and answer them in natural sentences.’

He said Google:

  • Develops Google Now and Android, strongly placed
  • They will read calendar, emails, location to anticipate what users want
  • Calculates rankings of search results for understanding of how language is used in real world
  • Google Glass will become first of new generation of mobile tech it wants people to talk to its services
  • Google Now will target smart watches, cars and the living room hub

Meanwhile, Apple:

  • Acquired Topsy for $200m to find patterns in the 500m daily posted tweets on Twitter
  • Language analysis technology will improve Siri’s understanding of queries before processing them or delegating them, eg to Microsoft Bing

Revolutionary Thought

Williams concluded in his article that ‘Google has been forced towards accepting there are certain things about the real world that cannot be boiled down to an algorithm.’

Say that again!

That’s right. ‘They have assembled a team dedicated to cataloguing and verifying information so Google Now can answer questions directly rather than provide a list of relevant web links.’

It does seem that most commentators believe Google has a head-start on Apple. Most will also say that Apple is past its peak and while it may soldier on making devices and profits, it will never be the biggest beast in the jungle it once was.

A few others think Apple should never be underestimated. The outsider wins sometimes.

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