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image001Road Rage Is Not the Only Anger Issue That May Affect You … but these images somebody emailed me are a graphic illustration that if an elephant experiences road rage, you have more or less had it.image002image003image004image005image006image007


We all get angry, sometimes. We all could experience anger that boils over. A two-year old toddler reminds us of our human nature to give vent to strong feelings of frustration and loathing.

Everybody has heard of road rage. You may have been a victim; a minority may have committed it. Certainly most people have felt it even if they have bottled it up.

When somebody cuts you up, goes too slow in front or too fast behind you. When you don’t like the back of their head. When you get out and set about somebody and/or their stupid car.

People have been injured, abused, battered, maimed and killed as a result of explosive outbursts on uncontrollable frenzy against them

Here are pictures from the web of an elephant who didn’t like being hooted from behind and carried out its own road rage attack on the offender.

Some other modern rages that afflict people these days:

  • online rage
  • email rage
  • text rage
  • device rage
  • packaging rage
  • flat pack rage
  • airline rage
  • school gate rage
  • bus stop rage
  • supermarket trolley rage
  • traffic warden rage
  • traffic rage
  • blue badge rage
  • queue rage
  • phone rage (in many variations from difficulty in making calls to receiving unwanted one)
  • burned the dinner rage
  • pet rage
  • baby rage
  • toddler rage
  • teenage rage (felt by both teenagers and parents)
  • TV programme rage
  • celebrity rage
  • public spending rage (too much; too little)
  • political correctness rage
  • health and safety rag
  • sports rage
  • bike rage
  • fashion rage