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Clowns can be lots of fun or lots of terror

Clowns can be lots of fun or lots of terror

Clowns? We got them. Send in the Clowns, Or Not ….

Everybody loves a clown, don’t they? Circus clown, party clown or puppet clown. Film clowns, nightmare clowns. Everybody…no?

No. Some people find clowns sinister, frightening, spooky. Take this one for instance –

The joker/prankster who decided to dress up as a clown, may have had all sorts of motives. Quickly labelled the ‘Northampton Clown’ by the local newspaper.

He knocked on a door and offered to paint their sills despite having no equipment in sight.

Within a short time he was on Facebook and Twitter, #northamptonclown.

Metro reported it as ‘When you go out to East Midlands today, you’re sure of a big surprise. An unnerving, anonymous clown has sent shivers down the spines of Northampton residents by lingering on street corners in full fancy dress, for three nights in a row.’

‘It reportedly first appeared on Friday 13th and was spotted again on Saturday, under the cloak of darkness on Cedar Road in the north-east of the city. With its white face, drawn-on brows, a red wig and ruffled collar, it is a carbon copy of the Pennywise clown from Stephen King-inspired 1990 horror film, IT. The scary apparition-like sight has also been seen standing on a pavement waving with a teddy hanging between its fingers in its other hand.’

Lots of people with little better to do looked for him – The Northampton Clown Catcher. The man behind it turned out to be a university student, Alex Powell, a young man with ambitions to be a film maker.

A spate of other linked clown stories have since emerged as the phenomenon spread across the country, which have led to Clown International’s  leader ‘Bluebottle’ lamenting such impersonation is giving the real clown fraternity a bad name.

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