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Even a conga line has a leader

Even a conga line has a leader

Seven Top Tips on How to be a Leader

Whether you aspire to be a leader, actually are one in your workplace, social life or family or just want to see what makes a leader tick, this blog is for you.

Some people think a leader is born that way; others that leadership is thrust upon them and they will rise to the occasion. A few think you can learn to be a leader.

Think like a leader

Leaders don’t necessarily have to be in a high position like CEO, top official or an elected big-shot, but they do have a way of building loyalty, confidence and the desire in others to follow.

So, if you think like that, then you are well on the way to being a leader.

Show confidence

Often leadership is all about approaching problems and challenges with such confidence that others will accept you know what you are doing and where you are going.

Even if you don’t, it’s giving the perception of it that counts.

Be firm

Leadership demands a firmness of dealing with others that is consistent, decisive and again, confident and is based on an intuitive mix of passion, certainty and success. Set goals, set coaching tasks

Being a leader may not be fair in the sense that it’s always kind to people.

Make them want to follow

People tend willingly and enthusiastically follow a leader who has a track record of being right even when they’re not always and who inspires them to aim for a cause bigger than themselves.

Of course, others may wish to lead instead of you, thinking they can do it better.

Handle change carefully

In a world of constant change, leaders still forge ahead, taking decisions either intuitively or after thorough research, always keeping at least two moves ahead. Conflict within a group can be harnessed to improve morale, but it needs careful handling.

But accept that the ultimate change will be somebody (probably younger) replacing you.

Lead by listening

Not such a daft idea. Listening to a team, sounding them out and even taking their advice is not a sign of weakness.

You might even be able to take their ideas, improve them and give credit to the underling.

Encourage others

The team or others beneath you need encouragement and ego-boosts as appropriate. You need to strike a balance between the serious business of what you’re doing and the morale of the team.

And enjoy it while it lasts. Develop your gifts.

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