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Lots of hints about making money from your social media networks

Lots of hints about making money from your social media networks

Many people have woken up to the fact that their work on social media in all its forms could lead to a useful revenue stream. Or not.

The obsession with the Great Brutish Bake Off and home baking in particular has inspired 40-year old Sarah Trivuncie from north London to use her blog Maison Cupcake to write about all things to do with the baking world.

She charges companies every time they are mentioned in her blogs or tweets. The amount is determined by the size of company, reach of audience and how long is the blog. She has mentioned some very big companies and can make up to £250 a day.

Mrs Trivuncie points out that to achieve that is hard work and frequently takes around 8 hours.

What’s It Called?

The blog is styled as an ‘independent monetised site’ which requires ‘ongoing monetary costs’ or ‘significant financial investments.’ It’s not a free plug for anybody.

And companies are happy to pay for the mentions, it seems. Sometimes they offer free products or vouchers rather than cash. Sponsored posts are a variation of the mentions techniques.

Her particular blog is hitting around 20,000 visits a month and to make it work the need to devote a lot of time to social media is paramount.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Cindy King published 16 tips from the pros to advise people looking to make money from their social sites.

  • Host social media events to build loyalty, such as ‘Fan Page Friday’, which are essentially a virtual networking party with all fans sharing links on your page, or webinars to ‘make evangelists of your brand.’
  • Use LinkedIn’s ‘Your Day’ feature to communicate and engage with your networks.
  • Use images to amplify your Facebook updates.
  • Go deep, not broad – it’s better to ‘become a master of one or two channels than flounder in many.’
  • Get the attention of ‘influencers’ (what used to known as opinion-formers) who share content and blogging.
  • Focus on platforms where your customers are, especially if social media makes sense for your business.
  • Choose your image carefully. With Pinterest’s rise, ‘more emphasis is being put in images in social marketing’ and people note images ahead of ploughing through words.
  • Communicate with your LinkedIn connections by emailing every month to generate leads.
  • Optimise your Facebook ads for intended action, as ‘typical advertisers promote posts’ to use Facebook more thoroughly.
  • Create loyalty by participating in one-on-one dialogue.
  • Make real life connections with online contacts, such as ‘partnering with people in the same niche.’
  • Try to connect with people in person wherever possible.
  • Build online influence as that is the ‘secret to social media success.’
  • Make following/follower management part of the daily routine to find and follow relevant users on social platforms.
  • Use a live internet broadcasts to connect with your audience.
  • Get and use Google Analytics to build up the data you need to grow and hold on to audience.

No End of Good Advice

Darren Barefoot is a big noise in digital strategy, web marketing and social media and he has also written a book with Julie Szabo called Friends With Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook (2009).

It is described in these terms:

‘The rules of marketing have changed. Savvy marketing professionals know that they must engage with individuals directly on the Web, and smart businesses know that customers can become friends—with benefits. Friends With Benefits shows you how to get into the online marketing game. A guide filled with tips, tricks, and real-world case studies, Friends With Benefits shows how you can increase your company’s online visibility and Web traffic and win over online influencers.

Friends With Benefits explains how to:

  • Connect with potential customers and join their conversations
  • Tweak your website to support your social media marketing campaigns
  • Promote your products or brand and manage the toughest negative online feedback
  • Track marketing campaigns, monitor discussions, and measure success

With viral videos racking up millions of views and Twitter influencing thousands of their friends, social media marketing is an essential new tool for every marketer’s toolbox. The expert authors of Friend With Benefits guide you through the social media landscape, where authenticity and connections are more important than the size of your marketing budget, and real results can be just a few clicks away.

Of course, equally you could just get in touch with MailBigFile and/or Dessol and talk to Dan.

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