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Wake Up to the Sound and Smell of Bacon and Eggs!

Wake Up to the Sound and Smell of Bacon and Eggs on Your Phone!

Something Doesn’t Smell Quite Right About This Latest Techno-Taste Idea

Just when you thought that man’s ingenuity both to adapt technology and to promote some product through it was exhausted, along comes a new gimmick.

Wake up to the new scented alarm call on your iPhone. Yes, the sound and smell of sizzling bacon and eggs is emitted from a headphone jack and a small accessory to wake up the dozey.

Bringing Home the Bacon?

It is, according to The Guardian Technology pages US and UK meat producer Oscar Mayer is ‘thrilled to be bringing the first ever bacon-scented mobile device to market.’

Why? Well, it seems that with ‘nearly 2m mentions of bacon on Instagram’ and I believe several million on Google, ‘people never get tired of bacon.’ Whether they want to have a smell of it first thing in the morning may depend on various factors- what time they went to bed, how hungry they are and if they have bacon and eggs available in the kitchen.

Evidently you can download the app but can’t buy the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon device. No, you have to enter a competition run by Oscar Meyer in the US. It gets sillier.

There is apparently an Oscar Meyer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon! It is headed up by the improbably entitled Phil Roudenbusch, who is supposed to have enthused: ‘Experience bacon with all your senses. Like the deepest root, like the stormiest ocean, it’s briny cure endures. Bacon exceeds everything you ever imagined.’

One is tempted to say, see those pigs flying across the skyline …?

But there is a YouTube promo video which also shows it has a potential in house-selling (smells like fresh bread and coffee are supposed to sell a place to buyers) and in supermarkets (the smell of fresh food sells it).

Bacon Isn’t the First iPhone Sniff Technology

Just as Oral B announce the first app-controlled Bluetooth 4.0 toothbrush which lets your dentist spy on your brushing regime and ‘advise’ you, so it turns out that bacon is not the first smell you can access from your iPhone.

Last summer it was reported on Wired that  you can easily text or email a scent to anybody with a smartphone adaptor.

The Scentee is made by a Japanese company, ChatPerf, and it plugs into the iPhone docking connector to connect with apps ‘to emit scents on demand.’

The website says it’s for ‘girls, for lovers, for children, for events – find it by your sense of smell.’

Wired quoted a ChatPerf representative: ‘suppose you want to send a message to a friend via social media, maybe because you know your friend is tired. You can use this to send a relaxing scent along with your message. You can also use it to add scent to the notification sound whenever you get a new email.’

Wired’s Ian Steadman warned: ‘Before you begin eagerly texting your dearest friends farts, though, it’s not quite that flexible — each “scent tank” contains one fragrance, and the phone’s user will have to swap them for different odours. When the scent comes through, a red light comes on and a spray of mist comes out.’

There is a touching little video selling it, despite the soundtrack being in Japanese. A young man gets the scent his girlfriend was wearing….. There doesn’t seem to be a link to a nasal spray company for those affected by strong smells, but hey.

Happy sniffing!

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