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Different People Laugh at Very Different Things

Different People Laugh at Very Different Things

To give you something for the upcoming bank holiday weekend, I thought I’d bring you a video game that has been dubbed the Most Boring of All Time. It’s up there with Watching Paint Dry and Watching Grass Grow.

It’s actually called Desert Bus, and all you do is sit driving a bus for eight hours. That’s eight real hours along a road that is perfectly straight.

US illusionist Teller (of Penn and Teller fame) revealed the existence of this challenge in a New Yorker article.

There is apparently neither any other traffic nor the ability to pause it for a screaming break. The bus keeps siding to the right, so you have to correct it. Teller said, ‘Your task is simply to remain conscious’.

And if you do nod off so that the bus veers off road, what happens? Why, you have to start again from the beginning. Eight hours.

Before you rush off to try it, just spare a thought with me, what does it say about people who would do such a game? But even more, what does it say about the mental health of whoever designed it and made it?

Have a safe journey!

Laugh It Up, Fuzzball

When you either complete it or abandon it and have your medication, you might want to laugh out loud (lol) or at least smile a bit (sab). is one of a horrifyingly large number of websites that publish strange, weird and wonderful pictures, Some are clever, some very sick and some so obscure their point is lost.

No matter. This site has almost 110,000 pictures that editors swear are ‘handpicked’ for you, ‘all kinds of amusing silliness.’

Actually, if you are a second-screener you could drive the bus with one hand/screen and look at with the other.

Upclass Site for Weirdness

For those who still have some grey matter functioning between your ears, Crazy News is a site that published more considered, equally strange but often more thoughtful commentaries on the way we live.

Strange sports has water bubble soccer, which evidently is a real sport, which is intriguing. Other stuff is 3D and some is 3D illusion. It’s worth a look, even just as an antidote to what has been suggested above.


Peek Into the Portals of Weirdness

One I quite like that I have mentioned before is which publishes stuff from the darker corners of the web withy the strapline, ‘zoned for the weird, wacky, bizarre, strange, odd, sick, stupid, outrageous, useless and unusual!

If you want a whole bunch of the left-field in one go, try for the stressed or bored or stressed and bored.

The Weirdsite actually wants $15 from you to see what they’ve collected. And News of the Weird trawls the world’s new media for evidently true but sometimes just bizarre stories of the human struggle.

Best thing is perhaps to type in ‘Weird on the Web’ in your browser and see what comes up. If you use DuckDuckGo rather than your usual one, no log will be kept of the sites you click on, so your family and friends may not learn your guilty secret.

Have a good break!

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Image: US Military, MC1 Paul Seeber