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Running, Swimming, Cycling: Anything Can Happen

Running, Swimming, Cycling: Anything Can Happen

Last week we carried on MBF Blogs an interview with our sponsored Ironman triathlete (cycling, swimming and running), Joe Skipper. As a light-hearted follow-up up, we’re featuring some of the mishaps that have befallen other athletes and supporters over the years.

We hope and pray that Joe never experiences any of these first hand, obviously.

Serious Accidents

According to Simon Arms on Listverse, Top 10 Worst Sporting Disasters (2007), the then top ten of sporting disasters included dreadful death and extreme tragedy. He said ‘whether we like or not, sport really is a substitute for war. Throughout history, death and sport have stood hand in hand and the people that have died have acquired a legendary warrior-like status.’

He cited the 39 Juventus fans who died and 350 injured in the name of their club at the Heysel Stadium in 1985 and Ayrton Senna who died in an accident just as he was about ‘to revolutionize motor racing’s safety standards.’

Plane crashes have claimed players and fans alike, including South African cricketer Hanie Cronje in suspicious circumstances and seven Manchester Players, 8 sports journalists and officials in a major tragedy at Munich in 1958.

Boxing has had a high list of deaths in and out of the ring. Colombian footballer Escobar was killed after an own-goal against the USA. Back in 1918, over 1200 people died in a fire at Hong Kong’s Happy Valley Race course.

In 1972, 11 Israeli athletes were shot dead by a Palestinian terrorist group during the Olympic Games in Munich. In 2001 four disasters in football in Africa killed nearly 200 people and injured thousands.

Funny, If It’s Not You

On the lighter side, there are thousands of mishaps, misjudgements and miscalculations in sport. These are more on the You’ve Been Framed scale of calamities.

Start with the invisible rope prank, then try Videobash sports.

TubeRox has a selection of bumps, crashes and misfortunes.

YouTube has a clever compilation of not so much accidents as unusual and often unfortunate camerashots which are very funny in parts.

There are also:
Paris-Roubaix crashes compilation.

and ebaumsworld, Sports Disasters videos.

And on the still image front, try these few.

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Image: Gerry Thomasen