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How do you know if someone is afraid, rich, barking mad or hates you?

How do you know if someone is afraid, rich, barking mad or hates you?

Unsure what message a correspondent was trying to make to me, but I was sent a link to a film clip, How to Tell If Somewhere Is Lying To You!

Fascinating – blinking, breaking eye contacts, hiding body parts, hand movements, blinking, licking lips, heads move, audible cues, rising vocal pitch … all good psychological stuff and demonstrations of what are probably natural (normal?) human reactions.

If you’ve had it with never getting a straight answer from a particular person try How to Make Someone Tell the Truth.

Other How to Tells

How to tell if someone really loves you.

Or this version.

If you ever need to know if someone is rich, How to Spot a Rich Person and How to Tell If Someone Is Rich offer some useful tips.

In response to the often-asked question, How Do You Tell If Someone Is Crazy? or totally insane or whether you are dating a psycho the main answer seems to be that there are many definitions of crazy, insane and psycho.

Let’s hope that’s some comfort. If you’re still in doubt, take The Insanity Test which I found really useful if not accurate!

I Hate You, I Hate You

Buzzfeed (as predicted) comes up with a useful 20 Ways to Tell If Somebody Secretly Hates You.

They suggest constantly getting the evil eye, or being left aggressive notes, your things always getting broken by accident, all the mean practical jokes are against you, you get refused service a lot, people gossip about you a lot, you don’t get party invites, you’re the only one not tagged in a photo, you always go home alone and you’re last to be picked for the team…. all sure signs.

It’s obviously more difficult to cope with if someone in your family hates you, or a relative hates your partner, so Carolyn Tytlet comes up with some ideas on How to Tell If Someone Hates You starting with how to spot the hostile attitudes.

Even sadder is How Do You Know When You Hate Someone in which one of the best descriptions from a contributer reads:

  • when you just can’t stand to be in the same room as them
  • when you look at them and want to slap them
  • when you want to vomit at the sound of their voice
  • and you just can’t muster any good words about them no matter how hard you try.

then you hate them!

Some Other Useful Sites to Help With Life’s Problems:

How do you remind someone politely that they owe you money? to which the obvious best suggestion is ‘never lend money in the first place.’

How to Collect Money from People Who Owe You offers non-confrontational solutions.

How to Find Out If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity is sadly topical and relevant.

How to Tell If a Girl Is Trying to Steal Your Boyfriend is also useful for some from time to time and can be changed to fit either gender

How to Tell If Someone Has HIV? Almost impossible without a test, so know you know.

 How to Behave When Someone Is Afraid of You  which may happen a lot to you?

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