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The endless battery charge is a bane of modern living

The endless battery charge is a bane of modern living


Scientists believe they may have cracked the problem nightmare of today’s electronic device driven world – the too soon run-down battery.

The Apple Watch is reported to have a very short charging life and everywhere we are constantly hampered by batteries no longer charged sufficiently to function. Apple claim to be addressing the problem with the watch, but the battery problem is a real limitation in life these days.

Well, scientists may have come up with a solution. Aluminum.

Stanford University has come up with aluminium batteries with cells that are ‘big enough for a smartphone to charge in just 60 seconds!’ 

Just a Minute

That alone should revolutionise the market. If most things can be charged in just a minute … well, our impatience is fed even more but we might get even more done more quickly.

Samuel Gibbs reported in The Guardian that the new high-performance aluminium-ion battery is the first using the metal – more commonly found in aircraft and car bodies – ‘to demonstrate long life and fast charging. It does this using a graphite electrode. Previous aluminium batteries have suffered from poor life, failing after 100 recharge cycles.’

Apparently it can be charged around 7500 times, compared with a typical batteries today that last only 1000 recharge cycles!

Other Battery News

Here is a simple test to see if your batteries are dead or still have life in them. In fact, it’s so simple, I don’t know why nobody has made a noise about it before.

According to Yahoo all you have to do is to drop one from a short height onto a flat surface.

A dead battery tends to fall over; one with energy still in tends to stay upright!!

Ways to Make Your Phone Live Longer

Again, Yahoo came up with ideas for preserving battery life.

These include :

  • fetching mail less frequently,
  • turning down the screen brightness,
  • don’t close your apps so often,
  • don’t leave your fully charged phone plugged in,
  • charge up to 80% and drain 40%, but drain it fully once a month, anything plugged in but not charging uses electricity.

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