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Words can hurt more deeply than weapons. They can inspire more wonderfully than almost anything. They can make you feel like dirt or make you feel like you’re dancing on air.

BUT above all that, the old journalistic adage is still true. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Even in this age of the power of the internet, it’s the image that carries so much more weight than any number of 140 character pieces of prose.

Of course, it has to be said that it’s the web that makes it available to millions, instead of a few hundred who happen to walk by and see the artwork.

And the beauty of these images by Nikolaj Arndt from the web is that they are so clever they make your jaw drop.

Just enjoy.

And if you want some more, Bored Panda has examples from 5 of the world’s best pavement/sidewalk or 3D artists: Edgar Mueller, Julian Beever, Kurt Wenner, Manfred Stader, and Eduardo Rolero.