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Glass Has a Bright Future in Technology

Glass Has a Bright Future in Technology

While Google gets set to launch its already controversial Google Glass later this year after extensive trials, the world is awash with glass stories.

The glass is half full/half empty and women breaking through the glass ceiling stuff, of course.

But glass it seems is an old product that quite genuinely has become more and more ubiquitous in our world and looks to become ever more integral to the lifestyles we now demand now and in the near future.

A future where glass is our quintessential medium and a world where thinking outside the box may take on completely different directions for us all.
art-google-20glasses-620x349 Through the Google Glass, Darkly

In the Google Glass promotional video as commented on by Asher Moses of The Age, Digital Life, you can see an apparently harmless, quite fun device for relaying/publishing online your first-hand experience of life as you live it, of eating, being sick and dating.

It’s just a computer with a head-mounted display that runs apps, records HD images and responds to voice commands.

Former Aussie PM Julia Gillard tried it and declared it ‘an amazing display of innovation … right before your eyes …‘ Others have been less enthusiastic.

The privacy protectors have been out in force condemning it. ‘The end of privacy as we know it’ is just one cry. But they’re right.

Already apps for Facebook, Path, Gmail and others mean the gadget has full web access on the move so all that you can normally do, you can do more so, together will having identification of people and places you are looking at right in front of you.

If people you are talking to/looking at/interacting with don’t know you are wearing Google Glasses, their privacy is gone. Covert visual surveillance will become commonplace and can be shared instantly across the globe.

The assistance that could be given to sharing child pornography, voyeurism and stalking apart from casing out places for criminal activity has suddenly been offered on a plate to anybody, the good and the bad.

The Glass Day

In its video A Day Made of Glass, Corning manufacturers romanticised through a rather rose tinted viewpoint in a clever video a futuristic, young world where glass was the leading technology in as many forms and variants as any use demanded.

It’s worth a watch.  There is also a Day Made of Glass 2 which is an expanded version of the imagined day.

Also, it being YouTube and the way people will adapt and re-invent, there is Made of Glass 3. There may well be all sorts of other mash-ups too.

A world grown used to touch power, thought power, the images may not seem that remarkable. To those who can remember when a phone was a chunky thing screwed to the wall of your house, tomorrow is exciting indeed with all that modern glass.

I’ll drink to the future!

Drink, Drink to Me Only

As long as it’s in a Cipher glass. Even the humble drinking glass is undergoing a revolution!

When Cipher is empty, according to developers, ‘it resembles a meaningless colourful mosaic. When a drink is poured into it, the name of the drink is revealed.’

Wow! They  gush on:

‘Differently coloured squares are scattered across the glass surface in a seemingly random pattern. But the true purpose of the glass mosaic is revealed when coloured liquid is poured into it – orange juice, milk, coffee, or cola. The pattern of shapes and empty spaces on the glass, combined with the colour of the liquid inside the glass, form a word that reveals exactly which drink you are having. Each side of the glass is reserved for a specific drink…..’

Follow that.

Image: Gilles Tran