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There is more to sleep problems than counting sheep

There is more to sleep problems than counting sheep

Thoughts on Sleepwalking, Lack of Sleep and Too Much Sleep: MBF Blogs offers a few thoughts and some advice on the weighty problem in today’s time-starved, technologically rich humans, how much sleep do we need nowadays?

Centuries after rising and sleeping with the sun, we now inhabit a 24/7/365 timeframe where shopping, banking, working, talking, sharing, eating, entertainment never let up. What about actual refreshing sleep, then? Time well spent or time wasted?

The NHS website explains Sleepwalking as: ‘Sleepwalking is walking or carrying out complex activities while not fully awake. It usually occurs during deep sleep, which is at a maximum during the early part of the night, so it tends to occur in the first few hours after falling asleep.’

Sleepwalking can start at any age but is more common in children. Most children will grow out of it by the time they reach puberty, but in some cases the behaviour can persist into adult life.’

It is not something to be laughed at, really. But it’s a bit like falling over. A lot of people find somebody falling over to be funny. It might be, but just just as likely not to be that amusing, especially if you hurt yourself.

Crazy Sleepwalking Things

However, the net being what it is in making everything public, destroying old taboos and having a good laugh at somebody else’s expense, we bring you ‘Crazy things people do when sleepwalking.

In a sequence about near-miss accidents, sex and murder, you can see what some unfortunates and their friends/relatives and innocents have endured through the condition also called somnambulism or noctambulism, sleep disorder belonging to the parasomnia family with a lot of anecdotes from other people thrown in.

The BBC’s Denise Winterman wrote a feature on weird things people do when sleeping which covered texting, eating, sexsomnia, stopping breathing and suffering exploding head syndrome!

When You Can’t Sleep…

If you take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep naturally, the National Sleep Foundation have a range of suggestions to help.

People try all sorts of ideas, from hot drinks, no food, relaxation, not TV, early nights, late nights to counting sheep. Some work, others don’t.

Back in 2007, Kristie Leong published a piece 9 Entertaining Things to do When You Can’t Sleep at Night! These include watching old TV reruns. cleaning our your fridge, take a long bath, test your trivia knowledge, read a book online, make a list for tomorrow, walk, write creatively.

And when it’s not that you can’t sleep but that you are extremely tired, there is Fun Things To Do When You Are Dog Tired which includes ideas like helping kids with homework,read a dictionary out loud, play Monopoly with a 7-year old or throw a party for your mother-in-law….

When You Sleep Too Much …

Some people suffer sleep apnoea and experience a mini nap while driving, often with fatal consequences.

But can you sleep too much? Penelope Cruz reckons 15 hours a night is essential to maintain skin tone and general health. Few medical experts support that argument.

Professor Jim Horne, director of the sleep research centre at Loughborough University told the Mail Online: ‘In fact, the evidence suggests that taking excessive sleep is counter-productive because you are more likely to wake up depressed and miserable. Research also suggests that if you are already sad and miserable, actually reducing the time spent sleeping can be of benefit.’

BBC News went further and declared that the so-called ideal of eight hours sleep a night ‘could shorten your life.’ They cited research in California that discovered those who sleep eight or more hours a night die younger. Six to seven hours a night was conducive to a longer life. 6.5 hours is a ‘safe amount of sleep.’

And finally, before you settle for the night, consider this: when people are crazy, do they know they’re crazy?

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

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