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Sometimes using technology can land you behind bars

Sometimes using technology can land you behind bars

Unusual Facts and Annoying But Obsessive Trivia Makes the World (Wide Web) Go Round

We all love facts and trivia, facts that are fiction and a welter of insignificant data and titbits. Check out those facts about our human lives that shouldn’t be true but are.

From Selfies to Felfies

Following on the heels of the ubiquitous ‘selfie’ photographs, which were The Word of 2013, now comes news of felfies, or farm selfies.

It seems that pictures of farmers with various of their animals *(cows, sheep, goats, geese) have become what is referred to in the media as ‘internet sensations.’

And hot on the heels of this ridiculous word come others:

belfies, celebs take and share pictures of their own backsides
illfies, where celebs film themselves feeling ill and looking great while ordinary people who feel ill look like death warmed up.


Prison Social Media Restrictions

Did you know it is against prison regulations for inmates to update Facebook profiles or ask anyone outside to do so on their behalf?

Well it is. However, two to three hundred or so are caught each year and generally have their privileges revoked.

It may sound like tame stuff to get uptight about, but some use social media to distress victims or intimidate witnesses.


Camera Ball in the Air

Later this year stand by for the launch of the camera ball. Yes, the Panono panoramic vision ball camera will be sold for around £360 plus VAT and will be useful for seeing what’s ahead in a crowd or for taking group pictures.

It is about 4 inches in diameter and is loaded with 36 cameras which will allow a complete 360 degree image to be captured and sent to devices.

The thrower projects it into the air and it calculates the highest point before taking the images and weighs less than a bag of sugar.

Gives a new meaning to taking the eye off the ball but lookout for lots of injuries on people who are in the way if a gust of wind or poor projectile throwing makes the point of descent less than certain!


Dashcams Help Police With Enquiries

The Association of Chief Police Officers has announced the intention of police forces to ask those drivers who have dashboard mounted cameras to provide them with videos of reckless drivers.

The cameras can cost as little as £70 and people mount them to protect themselves from false accident claims or to help reduce insurance costs. Ultimately we’ll all probably have to own the things.

But in the meantime, how do you feel about the public filming others and sending footage to the police? If you’ve ever been cut up by some idiot or witnessed shocking parking, people on mobiles or aggressive driving you will probably support this one.


Prolific Illegal Downloader

The man labelled by the media as ‘Britain’s most illegal downloader’ is currently one Keith Tamkin (52) of Sussex.

The film and music pirate was found in possession of over 150,000 albums and movies that he simply downloaded without any payment at all. It took police over a year to process them and bring him to court.

He was also in possession of prohibited weapons and was guilty of money-laundering! He’s now in jail serving 18 months.


Speeding and Distracted Driving

The first person to be charged with poor motoring while wearing Google Glass is Cecilia Abadie (44) from San Diego.

She confessed to wearing the device but will argue in court that it wasn’t switched on. Speeding and distracted driving are two serious offences to commit on a US freeway.

She was trialling them for Google; now she is being tried.


Beware of Lulu in Brazil

The most downloaded app in Brazil is ‘Lulu’. It is only available to women and it allows them to rate men anonymously based on things like their appearance, characters and sexual performances using their own Facebook profiles. It had 1 million ratings in the first week.

One man, Felippo de Almeida Scolari (28) is so unhappy at being rated only 7.7 out of 10 with such blistering, negative comments as ‘cheaper than bread and butter’ and ‘should come with a warning’ that he is suing the creators of the app!!


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