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Everything has rules on tablets of stone, even digital stuff

Everything has rules on tablets of stone, even digital stuff

This one’s about: The Unwritten Rules Of Emails, Texting, Karaoke, Social Media and Blogging

Rules are meant to be broken, that’s what they say. Whoever THEY are.

Rules are also to be flouted, snubbed, bent, re-interpreted, selected from….

So in the interest of social etiquette in this advanced technological age. MBF Blogs bring you some unwritten rules generally…

We already discussed 50 Ways to Use a Smartphone, way back on 8 August 2012 . These are different.

Unwritten Rules of Email

These ‘rules’ are as designated by Buzz Feed via Yahoo!

  • Don’t send chain emails
  • Don’t copy to all and sundry who do not know each other
  • Don’t start endless threads
  • Don’t use a fancy font
  • Don’t use the excuse that the email got lost, it didn’t
  • Don’t use an email address inappropriate for your age
  • Don’t open messages from single Russian ladies looking for love
  • Don’t email when under the influence of alcohol, especially to an ex.
  • Do type ‘sent from my iPhone’ at the bottom of your email, even if it’s not

Unwritten Rules of Texting

  • Don’t open a conversation with ‘hey’
  • Don’t use ‘k’ for ‘ok’, it can mean something else
  • Don’t send too many, you can only send 2 without response
  • Don’t send overlong texts
  • Don’t forget to say thanks when appropriate
  • Don’t overuse LOL like everyone else does
  • Don’t send mass group texts, they wont all recognise you
  • Don’t use any emoji except a happy smile

Unwritten Rules of Karaoke

  • Don’t sing if you don’t have to, but you’ll be ribbed for months if you don’t
  • You can sing ironically, but do it wholeheartedly
  • If you pick one with a long guitar solo, entertain crowd while it’s on
  • If your karaoke spot doesn’t have words arranged by artist, get a new spot
  • If you’re renting a private room, use all of it as you sing, all over the audience
  • If that room has a tambourine, go bananas on it
  • Avoid the temptation of DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ when not sung by Journey
  • Don’t rap at karaoke unless you know all the words
  • Clap all performance even the bad
  • Don’t repeat any songs

There are also unwritten rules of Thanksgiving for our American cousins on this Buzz Feed site, if you’re interested.

Other Rules, Other Sites

Open Forum has 7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media

  • Connection is easy but does not imply permission
  • Access does not imply entitlement
  • Activity is not productivity
  • More is not better
  • Reciprocation is optional
  • Amplification without accomplishment is futile
  • Engagement without enrichment is not effective

And finally, on Blogging Without a Blog, Barbara Swafford reckons these are the rules of blogging:

  • Write original articles. Do not plagiarize/steal/copy someone else’s content or ideas.
  • Give credit where credit is due. If what another blogger wrote inspires a post, make mention of the post, and create a link back to your inspiration.
  • Check and recheck your grammar and spelling. Although some typos may slip through, try your hardest to provide a post with proper grammar and spelling. Your blog is a reflection on you and your credibility. If need be, have someone proofread for you.
  • If you allow comments, let your commentators know you have read what they wrote.
  • Comments often go off subject, so be prepared.
  • If you leave a comment on another blog, try to add value to the post/topic.
  • If you comment on other blogs, do not alienate the author with derogatory comments.
  • If a reader/visitor contacts you via email or through your contact page, answer the email as soon as possible.
  • Do not “spam” another blogger or blog,
  • Check your links.
  • When commenting, unless a link is relevant to the post, do not insert one.
  • If someone visits your blog, and leaves a comment, make time to visit their blog as well.
  • If someone leaves a negative comment on your blog, do not feel obligated to leave it in your comment section.
  • Do not comment on another blog without reading the title and the complete post.

So now I know!

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Everything has rules, even digital related stuff