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Don’t get your cables in a twist with our good advice!

Don’t get your cables in a twist with our good advice!

Some Useful Dos and Don’ts of the Digital World

We thought we’d bring you a few bits of do and don’t advice for participating in all the benefits of the contemporary, digital world. They are all sound and secure, but we cannot be responsible for the individual applications our readers employ!!!

A. Don’t get your cables in a twist
In other words, don’t wrap your cables round your power brick or you will wear them out more quickly. Don’t go against the natural coil of the cable and do not bind them tightly. They don’t like it.

You need more details? Sure thing.

B. Don’t send these texts

In the year that texting reached 21 years, advice has crystalised about texts you should never ever send. they include

any text to an ex-partner after drinking, ending a relationship, proposing marriage, bad news, texts that are so long a phone call would have been quicker, controversial photos, personal data, anything that is angry, no one word answers and text speak to anyone over 25…..

Footnote: Did you know that there is texting championship held every year, in New York. Where else?

C. This extends to emails and other courtesies too

A good article by Aphys Fade links texting with emailing problems about people who send sexy messages to the boss by mistake or are caught out through careless circulation.

In the interests of relationship counselling, he also suggests these 20 bits of invaluable advice:

  • DO plug in your significant other’s iPhone, Blackberry or computer in when you see the juice is low.
  • DO share the joke with your spouse if you laugh out loud at something on your Blackberry or phone.
  • DO text and email your spouse with the same care you did when you first started dating. Grocery lists and forwards don’t count as correspondence. Make time to send sweet-nothings to each other over Facebook and e-mail.
  • DO upload new music to your honey’s iPod and new books to his/her Kindle. New tunes and words will be a sweet surprise and will show that you’ve been thinking of them while they were away.
  • DO save cute texts, email and voice mails.
  • DO set a time limit for internet browsing while you’re hanging out together.
  • DO give technology as a gift, but not for a romantic occasion. Note! If you need to charge it up, plug it in or programme it, it probably doesn’t make for a good (romantic) anniversary present.
  • DO have a discussion with your partner about what technologies are okay for big discussions (IM can be a great way to talk about emotional topics, for example, since you have time to formulate your thoughts before typing and you are less likely to blurt something out in anger.)
  • DO refrain from using emoticons and/or tech lingo (eg. LOL, ROTFL), if it annoys your partner.
  • DO put away your Blackberry or phone on important occasions like when you have a rare date night without the kids and ask your partner to do the same.
  • DO keep tech snobbery to a minimum: ‘Fine, I’ll do it, that brick of yours doesn’t even have a video camera.’
  • DO at least try to figure something out before asking him or her to teach you a second time.
  • DO bring tech to bed for recreation only! No work.
  • DO use texting at parties to let your partner know that you want to leave.
  • DO make every other twitter about your partner………!
  • DON’T exchange email passwords with your partner no matter how good of an idea it seems.
  • DON’T hack into your partner’s email or phone, read the messages, assume they are cheating on you, freak out and post your suspicions on a social network or a website.
  • DON’T send flirty text messages or e-mail on your company Blackberry unless you want to explain “gr8 morning sex!” to the Director of IT.
  • DON’T email or browse the net while talking to or on the phone with the other person. You may think you’re a multi-tasking king (or queen), but it’s distracting for both of you and it makes it seem like you only half-care about what he is talking about.
  • DON’T bring up important topics in a medium that your partner is uncomfortable with. (Don’t text him that you are going to miss dinner if he is a bad texter. Don’t IM her that you’re mad at her if she prefer to hear your voice.)

D. Do remember the Internet of Things

You’ll know what this is and that it’s the Next Big Thing on the way. However, before you splash out on big ticket technology, bear in mind that soon everything from your utility meters to fridges, heating systems to entertainment devices and from driverless cars to all your security, will all be web-driven.

Make sure the gadgetry you buy is ready for that, or hang on a bit longer.

E. Do or maybe don’t buy up Christmas jumpers for next year

The mass of deliberately hideous 1970s-retro Christmas jumpers and cardigans for men and women that assaulted our senses at Christmas 2013, could be around again in 2014. So there is a view you should stock up now, along with reduced cards, wrapping paper and non-time sensitive gifts, in order to save money.

On the other hand, the Fashion Taste Police may demand that you do no such thing. Next Christmas should be woolly jumper, bad design free.

F. Finally, a reader thanked me for the good advice contained in this previous blog when he was tempted after a night of heavy drinking: Beware the Allure of the Webcam When Undressing in Front of Strangers, 1 May 2013.

Image: Kazuhisa OTSUBO