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Extreme Climbing In All the Safety Gear Is One Thing ...

Extreme Climbing In All the Safety Gear Is One Thing …

Videos from the extremes of sanity are not for the faint hearted

We searched the web for examples of madness. Extreme sports are celebrated with net glory before the Men in White Coats take them away

These video clips are the stuff of nightmares for those of us who get vertigo standing on a chair.

One can only wonder why do they do it? Is it because it’s a challenge? Just because it’s there? Because they can? Or is there a deeper psychological problem at work within these people?

Does it mean anything that many of them are performed by Russians? This hobby seems to be an international one, though, so watch out for a campaign to have extreme stuff made an Olympic sport in due course!

1. Russian kids climb the Moscow Bridge without any protection or safety of any kind.

2. Crazy Russians Climb on Top of a Crane (No Fear!)

3. Russian crazy jump from the cooling tower. Respect.

4. Russian Daredevils: Adrenaline Rush On Top of the World (RT Documentary)

5. Russian Blond Girl Skywalker

6. Mountain climber saved at last second from near-fatal fall

7. Deep Water Solo Climbing – Redbull Psicobloc Olympos

8. Freerunning on a Deserted Island – Red Bull Art of Motion – Kuwait

9. The most difficult big wall climb on earth

10. Street Climbing Hamburg

11. Urban Climbing – as seen from the climber’s eye view

12. Alain Robert best of urban climbing

13. Crazy German guy walking tightrope over Yosemite falls

14. Russian drivers!

Image: LA(Phot) Arron Hoare