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Battle of the Giants as Amazon, Facebook and Google Slug It Out for Control of the Air

Battle of the Giants as Amazon, Facebook and Google Slug It Out for Control of the Air

Who’d Bet On Whether Amazon, Google or Facebook Will Achieve Global Domination Now?

As Tesco recently has started showing increasing signs of strain in competing in a rapidly changing shopping market and Google announced it was introducing counter-intuitive measures to encourage discontented staff to walk away from their jobs, an old debate was given a new lease of life. Who will be biggest among the current giants?

First, Google’s unorthodox bribe to unhappy employees. Warehouse workers who have been there for less than a year and are weary of walking a reputed 11 miles a day with obligatory overtime and short timed toilet breaks can leave with $2000 in hand. The bounty rises at $1000 steps for each year employed up to a maximum of 5.

Clearly this project by Amazon leads them to hope they will build a workforce happy at every level who will contribute value as the battle for supremacy gets white hot.

In Just 15 Years

If anyone can recall just a decade and a half ago when Amazon sold books, Google was a novelty web browser and Facebook hadn’t yet been conceived, he or she realises how far these three most powerful global companies and brand names have become.

With their phenomenal growth, paralleling the digital revolution and pushed along by Apple, Samsung and a myriad of other players too, these three have consistently branched out into new areas. They have carried diversification to a new dimension.

From food online to wearable technology, from cloud services to advertising and data .. the battlegrounds have expanded into ever more fronts and encompassing further horizons.

Now comes news that drones are the latest area where the conglomerates are squaring up. Drones.

Literally Battling for the Skies

Yes, drones. Google has swallowed Titan who make solar-powered drones to put on their ‘Project Loon’ – using high altitude balloons to reach remote corners of the globe with wireless signals.

Amazon has already started to master delivery drones, which some observers see are really designed to do more than just drop parcels. Possibly something to do with high altitude power/advantage.

Facebook is buying time from British high-altitude company Ascenta to develop new technologies linked to an internet network that is entirely its own and later to be offered for sale for profit boosting services.

So, what’s really going on here?

These companies and analysts generally believe that the western world is more or less saturated by devices and internet (unless some as yet unseen revolutions comes along). So, to continue to grow, they need new markets.

Some parts of Africa and Asia are still beyond the reach of the web. Those people are a very, very, very big potential market place. If Facebook, Amazon or Google (or any other player) builds the monopoly on networks and so established relationships and loyalties with new customers, they will win.

What will they win? Global domination of the net market. Whichever achieves that either alone or by combining with one other to wipe out the third, will make what has happened in the past 15 years look like chicken feed. Relatively speaking.

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