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Musical Barcode Tattoos Ought Not to Catch On, But They Just Might

Barcode tattoos that can play music are in tune with what?

Barcode tattoos that can play music are in tune with what?

We offer a Q&A from the web files of ‘you couldn’t make it up, but …’ barcode tattoos that might make a Christmas present for some of your more off-the-wall friends.

Katherine Brooks wrote on Huffington Post (Oct 2014) about Russian artist Dmitry Morozov, sometimes known as vtol who has created a barcode tattoo which produces music ‘when scanned with a special instrument.’

Called Reading My Body Vol 1, she styles it a ‘sound-meets-science feat.’ Others might have different names for it.

But it is an eight by three-inch long design ‘like a mysterious barcode on his forearm’ which when a machine slides over it, is ‘an eerie, cyborg-like machine, the design of which produces an avant-garde noise appealing to the most highbrow of listeners.’

Probably worth hearing for yourself now. Read more…

At Last the Selfie Is Designed Into Oblivion By Clever Design Work


Never a fan of the selfie – see my blog Time to Stop the Selfie, It’s Got Beyond Ridiculous, (14 May 2014) -  it’s a joy to report creative minds are at work to move the pointless, self-indulgent fad on and into more inventive terrain.

I’m sure I’m not alone to see celebs, politicos and royals getting in on the craze and feel the urge to throw up…

Despite my weariness with it, it goes on and on. Many have claimed to have taken the selfie to end all selfies, but the accolade (or mental health form) belongs, surely to Lee Thompson who persuaded authorities in Rio de Janeiro to climb the statue of Christ the Redeemer (see his proud moment above!).

Straight from the pages of Design Week comes a great new design idea showing how the selfie can be moved forward in a creative and interesting way.

Emily Gosling urged readers on 7 October, ‘Don’t take a selfie, take a Bagsie’ on the grounds that selfies are ‘dully ubiquitous, sometimes vain, frequently boring and rarely creative.’

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Most Famous Film Technique by a Man You’ve Perhaps Never Heard Of

Ken Burns of the Ken Burns’ Effect

Ken Burns of the Ken Burns’ Effect

You may not have heard of the ‘Ken Burns’ Effect’, but you will have seen it in action every time you watch TV and many movies too.

It is a particular mode of zooming in on a specific detail and panning around and across a still image, such as an old archive photo, and using that motion to bring it to life. In video production terms, it is effectively bringing the past to life.

The technique predates Burns’ use of it, but he, as a documentarian, employs it on a wide scale.

He told the Daily Telegraph’s Benjii Wilson in an interview in October 2014 that Steve Jobs had rung him in 2002 to invite him to ‘see something.’ That ‘something’ was an effect to be included in all Macs from then on – their working title for it was ‘The Ken Burns’ Effect’

That is a great honour, to have something named after you!

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Clickable Paper Could Kill Off the QR Code As Print and Digital Separation Is Bridged


QR Code to die in face of Clickable Paper?

QR Code to die in face of Clickable Paper?


The gap between digital and print media looks set to have been bridged. Clickable Paper is the hot idea that offers online dimensions to printed pages.

It’s been around for a couple of years without making much noise, but all that is changing.

The notion has huge implications for the paper print industry and the digital world equally. For newspapers, brochures, flyers and advertising, now a solution is possible and one that ‘converts the casual viewer into a potential sales lead’

Norfolk Example Read more…