Standalone Computers and Webs May Not Be Safe Enough

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The idea that standalone computers – not connected to the web – and a web that is beyond, above and below our existing, known www is an appealing idea for those who are concerned about protecting data from prying eyes. Where ultra-high security is needed, air-gapped systems are standalone computers, not connected to any other… Read more »

Time to Express a View on Our Attention Span Decline: Good or Bad?

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Most teachers and many older people conclude that today’s youngsters have a shorter attention span than they did or than is desirable. Some suffer a now recognised condition, ‘attention deficit disorder.’ The arrival and wholesale adoption of the digital era has meant that more people are second screeners, hopping between devices, doing different things at… Read more »

The Sharing Economy Comes of Age

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The announcement of the birth of Sharing Economy (SEUK), trade body to champion the sharing sector shows that ‘sharing economy’ is now mainstream in financial circles. Companies such as Zipcar and AirBnb have not just disrupted, shaken up their industries, they have made the notion of online platforms where people can share resources, share actual… Read more »