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Owling: the Mature Art of Pretending to Be an Owl!

Owling: the Mature Art of Pretending to Be an Owl!

Looking for something unusual to do as the creaky old 2012 gives way to the bright shiny new 2013, something which keeps up the street cred, is now and happening and is available to the entire world in seconds?

Well, just ahead of the 2012 Christmas- 2013 New Year season of high romping fun by the younger members of society, a new craze took off. ‘Milking’ began in Newcastle but has now extended to other places, such as Oxford! where students and graduates started to film each other pouring actual pints of fresh milk over their heads!

Seems scarcely believable, but it is so. It has to be in a public place like a shopping centre, in the middle of a roundabout or even popping out of a wheelie bin to qualify before going online on YouTube in the hope of wide publicity, if not actual viral lift-off. 30,000 hits is about the tops so far.

Actually, experts believe ‘milking’ is so yesterday.

Planking Said It All, Really

The ‘milking’ craze followed previous jaw-dropping japes such as ‘planking’ (lying face down like a plank of wood, hands at sides, in ludicrous and incongruous places), horsemanning’ (fake beheading in clever locations allowing a body to appear headless) and ‘owling’ (crouching like an owl in unusual places).

Oh and don’t forget the short lived rib tickler of ‘cat breading’, putting some bread around the head of a feline and filming it! Wow.

What many of these crazes have in common is getting large numbers of people to shake their heads, sadly. Before looking it up online, perhaps.

Nothing Better to Do?

Reports suggest that it is mainly male students who are attracted by these juvenile activity, which should be accompanied by some piece of suitable music. Facebook is also a popular receptacle for these videos. Why should that not surprise anybody?

Wasting money, wasting time, causing a nuisance, revealing deep psychological flaws and being too bored for normality seem to be the kinds of accusations being levelled at this mix of craziness and the web.

A group in Durham who all claim to be lactose intolerant are determined not to be left out. They have taken to ‘porting’, where they drench themselves in alcohol in order to join in the antics. They are protesting against the use of milk and also claim to be protesting against the Government’s proposals to set a minimum price of 45p a unit for alcohol.

Several commentators have responded by urging the Government to make it more than 45p a unit. One slated it as perpetuating the stereotype of an alcoholic-fuelled student.

The Message?

So, for those of our readers tempted to spend this New Year’s Eve while sheltering from the rain dreaming up silly pranks to make some sort of comment or mark or protest, good luck. But others of us, especially those older, may think that you real message is one or more of the following:

  • Get a LIfe and give up the Habit
  • Pretend You’ve Given Up the Habit
  • If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them
  • Come Up With Your Own Money-Making Web Idea

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