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Bloggers can be at work anywhere, any time, any place

Estimates suggest there are more than 1.5 billion bloggers with more than that number of blogs on the global internet in 80 languages but 60% are in English.

Do they make any money? One report suggests that fewer than 10% can quit their day jobs to blog full time and 80% of them only ever make £100 plus.

Over half of bloggers are parents with children at home; most blogs are read between 7am and 10am and professional bloggers have four blogs on average which they update at least once daily.

Over 60% of companies have a blog of their own.


So how does a blogger earn money?

The Blogger Programme  is a platform based in Norwich that allows big fashion brands such as Ted Baker, River Island and The Body Shop to partner with bloggers to promote products through their daily musings.

Blogging means not just posts on a website in this context, but guest posting on specific activities, Instagram and YouTube, promoting new fashion collections as broadly as possible (as critic and as customer), helping with photo shoots, attending trade shows and fashion events, carrying banners and other ads on the blog and affiliate marketing.

Of course, fashion is not the only industry looking for exposure. But whatever the field of interest, a blogger has to have built up a massive following on the internet and Twitter to be able to sell their services to such brand names. But some do it.

Many enjoy low maintenance passive income streams, like those from Google ads, selling ad space, inserting a link in a blog. Once set up, money, even small amounts, comes in even while you’re sleeping.

Others go for high maintenance personal involvement and hope for high income. These are bloggers who run webinars and offer consultation and advice online. They may hope for personal appearances (and decent fees) on the back of that. They run affiliate programmes. They actively boost their reach so that companies will buy into the services.

Some bloggers carry job boards on their sites, advertising vacancies, particularly where their blog is in a particular niche and a company is looking to recruit in that field. If Renault can become a bank and 118 118 can become a money lending service, then any blogger can do anything with his/her blog to earn.

Build the mailing lists

Companies pay big money to buy email lists, as those of us who hate being bombarded with unwanted email ads know. Getting a visitor to leave a contact details is crucial, but once they have left a phone number or email address (in return for a special offer, discount, preview tickets or exclusive advice), they are your asset.

You can sell that asset on and there isn’t much the unwitting customer can do. Lists can be used to flog your own stuff (more articles, more offers) or to promote goods a company is paying you to shift or create interest in.

So, should you start a blog just to make money? The consensus is no. It doesn’t happen overnight and you have to want to write, write and write again.

Copywriter Angie M Jordan answers the question ‘how much do bloggers make?’ with this: ‘Here’s the frustrating truth: it depends.  It depends on several things. your niche, your traffic, your content, your marketing, your network, your work ethic, and what value you are adding.’

So, there it is.

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