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Facebook could host telepathy in years to come!


You may have missed the fuss, but Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has set the cat among the pigeons with his views on the future direction of social media and how we’ll be able to ‘send emotions to each other online….’

In an interview reported in the British media in early July, he argued that in the near future, ‘rather than posting Facebook statuses we will be able to share our thoughts and feelings with others telepathically.’

Mail Online’s Victoria Woollaston described it as ‘the dream of the site’s owner Mark Zuckerberg who described this form of sharing as the ‘ultimate communication technology.’’

She reported Zuckerberg’s thoughts made on his own Facebook profile as he hosted a public question and answer session.

The event produced over 50,000 comments including, we are led to believe from Richard Branson, Shakira, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Prof Stephen Hawking!


The Future By Zuckerberg

The 31-year old billionaire thought that Facebook will improve on ‘important trends in human communication’ and video will be even more important than photos.

‘After that, immersive experiences like VR will become the norm.’

Presumably he meant, VR will take over from RL (real life)?

He said that we’ll have the power ‘to share our full sensory and emotional experience with people whenever we’d like. we’ll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology.’

He believed that wearable technology has a future, and soon ‘virtual reality headsets will be so small, people will wear them like glasses.’ Wearers will transmit images to others’ headsets just like that, a click and done.

It’s virtual reality and augmented reality that are floating the Zuckerberg boat now for the future.

It’s the Thinking Part That’s Hard

Zuckerberg said, ‘You’ll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too, if you’d like. This would be the ultimate communication technology.’

Transfer of thoughts.

What am I thinking? Now you will know and vice versa.

OK, so Hawking asked him about the big science questions (Zuckerberg is interested in what will make people live forever) and Schwarzenegger wanted to know how he keeps fit and ‘will the machines win?’

It seems that the Facebook man works out three times a week and takes the dog running. And no,the machines will not win.

Fair enough, but what about this idea of knowing what others are really thinking. Like it? Do you really?

Iain Thomson at The Register is not the only commentator to be appalled at the idea.

He said, ‘Given just how annoying endless Facebook posts about food, children’s bowel movements, hilarious household mishaps and what’s on telly at the moment can get, this might be seen as a recipe for mental pollution on an epic scale.’

There would be no defence. Thoughts would be public from that moment on with a lot of claptrap about the new openness, new honesty and friends welcoming collective knowledge.

The reality is that we’d all probably go mad. No more little white lies, but equally no more brutal honesty that keeps the world going round.

And when Zuckerberg added that sneaky little, ‘if you’d like’ to share all thinking, he was being naive. How long would it be before there was no opt-out and thought sharing became compulsory?

Not long.

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