The Sharing Economy Comes of Age

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The announcement of the birth of Sharing Economy (SEUK), trade body to champion the sharing sector shows that ‘sharing economy’ is now mainstream in financial circles. Companies such as Zipcar and AirBnb have not just disrupted, shaken up their industries, they have made the notion of online platforms where people can share resources, share actual… Read more »

Intangibles As Art Start New Retail Trend

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Would you pay good money for intangibles? Intangibles? Yes, things that are not really visible. Voicemails, snapchats, ringtones and avatars? Probably not. But some people are paying. They are part of a revolution in retailing that could just take off. Wired reporter Liz Stinson paid $10 for what was promised as ‘a great voicemail’ in… Read more »

Oh No! Another Hacker Danger to Worry About

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  Just when you have got used to protecting your pin in garages and supermarket checkouts from hacker snooping, (that is if you don’t yet use a PIN free system) along comes a new danger. It’s like lip-reading but it’s finger press guessing. According to Rick Newman, a writer who enjoys the goal to ‘distill… Read more »