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Circulating around the edges of the web are some videos you might want to check out for a laugh with a serious aspect. After all, you may not have long to live – You Have Just Two Years Left to Live, According to Your Death Test! (9 September 2013).

Of course, you may want to live longer but others will see it as an opportunity to spend more time online. Live Longer to Enable You to Spend More Time Online, 21 October 2013

Creepy Things

That old online favourite BuzzFeed has come up with things you (ie we) do online that would be creepy if done in real life. Broadcasting your personal life too much, fighting with strangers, over liking, over sharing, over following, compensating and being really honest. Yes, we can laugh at it but .….

A social media experiment that is quite scary because it’s so plausible. The guy, having located people through their social media revelations and linked to his location startles innocent people almost as much as magician Dynamo does!….

Funny or Die has a ’real life Twitter’ staging that demonstrates how the phenomenon works and is quite spooky too…..

Things You’ll Regret

No, not stupid online jinks that will come back to haunt you, but bucket list sort of things you ought to do before you die.

These 37 activities come courtesy of BuzzFeed again and are reasonable enough like not learning a language, not travelling, not exploring new places….

But there are some of the scariest pictures around if you’re scared of heights that we have littered this blog with under the heading: Things To Do Before You Get Old.

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