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Where is your use of time heading you?

Where is your use of time heading you?

If you’re time poor as most of us are … read on.

We all cope with limited time in different ways.

MBF web developer Dan Williams says that his way of concentrating is ‘to zone out other people and conversations. I usually put my headphones on, so I can’t overhear other peoples, potentially interesting conversations.’

He is far more effective that way.

At MailBigFile we are concerned to save people time. Time is money. Loss of it is also frustrating and counter-productive.

Ways of coping

Mind Tools offers a way towards effective scheduling, but it goes beyond merely mapping work in an ordered way, segmenting the day, prioritising the workload. It’s all those but in a more holistic manner.

Don’t heed the advice of one famous entrepreneur who claimed that when he returned from significant time out of the office, ‘I simply clear my overflowing email inbox. The lot. If any are important, senders will resend.’

A Friends Life survey revealed 40% of adults have suffered from ‘stress, anxiety or depression’ but not told their bosses. They fear for their jobs, their career prospects.

Most common causes of this pressure were excessive workload, frustration with poor management and over-long working hours. Failure to make best use of time causes extra work, repeats tasks and damages well-being.

Of course we are all manage time differently. Some love chaos and muddle; others prosper on calm, efficient planning. Many love the latest apps for time use while others prefer paper and pen, post-it notes and self memos.

20:80 ratio

One school of thought argues 20% of your activity contributes to 80% of your success.

  • Put aside time at the start of each business day to collect your thoughts, prioritise ruthlessly and prepare yourself.
  • You and everyone else is focussed on their agendas. So you may/will get emails, phone calls, being stopped an untold number of times in your day. Allow for it, it’s inevitable.
  • We are conditioned to responding instantly. Is it necessary? If you’re in the middle of something, replies can wait. Switch yourself off, even for an hour while you clear a vital task.
  • Little deadlines during the day maintain focus and prevent falling behind. It’s harder and more tiring trying to catch up endlessly.
  • For every meeting or call – what do you expect? Have you done your homework on people and last time? Have you thought through your contribution?
  • Outsource tasks which help you focus on the important stuff where possible. It will help you and help somebody else to learn.
  • Some prefer making calls or sending emails in batches to maximise efficiency. It might be worth a try.
  • Many meetings merely discuss meetings. If needed, keep them short, try standing rather than sitting and then get on!
  • Distractions are a virus creeping up on you – other people’s calls, conversations, social media sites, shopping lists … clear them. Remove yourself or use headphones.
  • Take regular rest breaks and exercise to toilet, outside for air, standing to stretch legs and back. Variety is the spice of life.

MBF can make life easier for businesses and make the best use of your business time. One call to us will save you time and effort later for what you really want to do!

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